A genius is defined as someone who is exceptionally talented or gifted in a particular thing, and who does that thing flawlessly and impeccably. Nature has given and embedded every individual – male, female, young and old embedded with that innate quality which in one way or the other distinguishes us from the rest and serves as a stand point. However, if these qualities are left on their own and not utilised or put into practise, it is like having a stationary car without making any effort whatsoever to make it move. It is therefore not possible for the car to move since there is no extra effort that is applied.

Just like the first law of motion propounded by Isaac Newton that an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion unless acted upon by an eternal force, so also it is in the struggle or pursuit for success. steps must be taken. Each step can lead your further or farther from the goal. There are different qualities that are yet to be awakened in humans. Many people aren’t even aware that they have these qualities. They wake, work and sleep without any knowledge of the presence of these qualities. At the end of the day, they are like the snake that passes through the rock without making any achievement or remarkable landmark.

It is best not to be aware of these qualities than having knowledge of them and allowing it lie dormant without been put into effective use. Well, I believe why many people fail to use these talents is because they are afraid to step outside their “COMFORT ZONES”. They are at ease with the present condition and hence, they do not want to stress or expand their tentacles. Well, our lives are like elastic bands and unless we are stressed maximally, there is every tendency that the desired goal or objective will not be achieved. Just like the example of the car given above, unless an external force is applied, the car can remain at the same point for donkey years without making any move. At the end of it all, the value is reduced and it is disposed or sold as trash or crap. This external force could be in the form of motivation. I hope you ld believe that motivation is from within. Like the popular Yoruba adage that says the owner of the load should first make effort in lifting the load before beckoning on others for assistance or help. So it is life, many people keep expecting praises from others – friends, colleagues, acquaintances, parents etc. In reality, these expectations may not see the light of the day.

Let me end this piece by telling you a story. There were two men who were skilled in the art of shooting arrows. One was tall and slim , while the other was short and fat. The short one was at a great disadvantage because of his stature which prevented him from carrying himself easily. The tall one having seem this weakness in the short one felt he was at a great advantage. There was a yearly festival which involved the shooting of arrows and the winner was given a huge amount of money and other earthly possessions. Many people tried to discourage the short one from participating as he was too short and fat to be the winner. However, he refused to be discouraged. He kept on practising and having regular exercises to stay fit. The tall one however neglected all these and was of the opinion that fate would smile on him. On the day of the festival, everyone was gathered waiting to see who was going to be declared winner. Both men cast their lots and the tall one was chosen to shoot first. At the sound of the whistle, he shot his arrow and to his dismay and everyone’s, the arrow fell a little before him. The younger shot his and to everybody’s surprise, shot the arrow farther than anyone could imagine. I hope you will be able to finish the story and declare the winner.

Well, conclusively, let me end by saying this that everyone is a genius, it is time therefore that you awaken and arouse that genius within you. Please share your opinion in the comments section.

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