Without mincing words, the country is currently experiencing a period of stress and turmoil. This is occasioned by the discovery of the deadly epidemic – corona virus which has been codenamed COVID – 19.

This has affected all aspects and sectors of the Nigerian economy. Several high-profile individuals have been tested positive to this virus both nationally and internationally. This proves in totality that nature is no respecter of persons.

Businesses are under lock and key, religious centers are shut, schools and other relevant institutions are shut. This has grounded all things as people are now forced to stay indoors in order to avoid getting contact with the diseases. Worst of all, this is a time when commodities that were seemingly irrelevant are now priceless jewels and expensive golds. Such commodities include: face masks, sanitizers, hand gloves etc.

From the standpoint of democratic and political principles, the powers of a state rest in the hands of the people. However, to avoid confusion and situations which a classical philosopher -Thomas Hobbes described as solitary, brutish and short, powers are concentrated in the hands of political elites who are vested with the responsibility of making decisions on behalf of the whole populace.

Nigeria close to 60 years now, unanimously adopted the democratic cum federal system of government. All these supported the principles of separation of powers, equal representation and decentralisation. It is however, said as discouraging that the powers vesed on these individuals are used contrarily and negatively. Consequently, the nation’s wheel of progress is moving in the reverse motion.

The current global upheaval occasioned by the spread of the epidemic – corona virus has undoubtedly aroused and awaken the minds of the nation’s political holders to the putrid state of things especially in the health sector. No wonder, an African proverb has this to say that:”A Man Who Hasn’t Been To The Face Of War, Would Rather Regard Himself As Confident”.

The political class have for long feasted from the tables of luxury making them immune to nature’s forces. In critical times, the masses are forced to utilise unmaintained and poor medical facilities for cures, while the elites found refuge, support and shelter beyond the nation’s borders. This making them immune to worse case scenarios and situations of nonavailability of effective health care provision. However, nature is just and would eventually in the nick of time, reward everyone accordingly.

Furthermore, the hypocritical nature which has clothed the nation’s political system has without much ado proved that Nigeria’s political structure is shrouded in uncertainty and deceit. Hence, it is a system operating on the principle of ” Do As I Say, Not Do As I Do”. Several instances abound to prove this.

On March 24, the Presidential Chief of Staff – Abba Kyari tested positive for the corona virus following a trip to Germany and Egypt. The Most surprising that few days before the incident, Kyari on a public glare reprimanded some legislators for falling to submit themselves to the airport screening practices on the wake of the return from London.

They instead of self-isolation continued to mix with other counterparts of theirs. Abba, undoubtedly failed to practise the “gospel” he preached. The stone which he initially rejected has become the headstone of the corner. He and other high-class elite who are tested positive are forced to use poor health care facilities with the worst road networks in undeveloped local governments across the country. Health officials who before time were seen as inexperienced and non-experts suddenly turn “lenders of last support”.

As if this wasn’t enough, legislators in the nation’s lower house, received a delivery of new sets of 2020 Toyota Camry Models. The total cost of this purchase is estimated to be around 13 Billion US Dollars (Over 3 Billion Nigerian Naira). This is amidst the current reality of corona virus facing the nation. A situation which has forcefully shut the poor indoors and preventing them from hustling for their daily survival. Without gainsaying, issues such as the ones raised above would prevent corona virus from been nipped in the bud.

I do hope the aftermath of the virus will spur Nigerian politicians as to overhauling the nation’s health care system, and also to reduce their reckless lifestyle of luxury been lived at the expense of the poor and masses who have voted them into power. I wish the entire nation a victory in the war against COVID -19.

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