It was as though the goddess of failure suddenly got attracted to me. I had several things to do but found out that I wasn’t achieving them. As a young man, I had dreams, plans and aspirations and I worked assiduously to make sure I never failed to achieve them. But each time I made a trial, I encountered defeat. It was as though I was fetching water into a basket. Hence, the more I tried, the harder it became.

Like an army of ant who wanted to build an hill before the rainy season, I worked from day to night. I remembered having to hold several “vigils” in a bid to finishing what I had planned. All these ended in a seemingly show of defeat. I had prepared myself to take some courses to sharpen my knowledge and set me apart among my peers at work. All these seemed unachievable.

I was gradually lossing my health as I had grown very lean. My eyes in comparison with an owl was almost out of its socket. I barely had time for my friends and my parents. I continued to console my discomforted self with the erroneous belief that success wasn’t achieved in a day and that it’s roads are paved with different challenges which makes passage very rough and smoothless. Hardly did I know that I was been deceived.

When the situation got to its peak, I took a giant step to tell a friend about my predicament and unpalatable experience. He explained to me the difference busyness and business.

He told me the fact that many individuals at intervals confuse been busy with been productive. You hear them say: “I have been working round the clock, yet I see no tangible result“. It is of paramount importance to note that there is a huge and visible gap between busyness and business. Busyness entails working without plans, without focus and working just for the fun of it. Business entails working assiduously and circumspectly towards achieving a set goal or productive.

He outlined the characteristic features of those who engage in busyness and business:

Firstly, people who engage in busyness take multiple steps at a time. They have a “one cap size fits all” approach to whatever they do or engage in. They are the people to be regarded as: “Jacks of All Trades, Master of None”. They undertake multiple trades, events, procedures and projects simultaneously. On the other other, people who engage in business are pragmatic and understand that achieving success is one step at a time. They are conscious in whatever they set out to do and unless it is achieved, they do not venture into another.

In addition, busy people measure their progress with efforts and time. They believe the more the efforts and time, the more the level of achievement or success. Conversely, people who engage in business measure their progress with results. Once the results are not evident, it translates to the fact that they haven’t been successful.

The final thing he told me was that people who engage in busyness are easily distracted. At the been of the phone, they are off, wanting to know who had posted a new status or message. At the end of the day, they are unable to achieve what they desired. The people who engage in business are focused and do not allow themselves to be distracted. They set their priorities right, they are time conscious and they schedule their tasks accordingly. They know what comes first and what comes last.

Having outlined all these, he asked me whether I was engaging in busyness or business? I was speechless and couldn’t give him answers. I actually knew I was engaging in busyness and not business.

Probably, you have been facing similar issue like mine. I am glad to tell you that you can still make necessary adjustments. It only entails managing and scheduling your time effectively, defining your target goals and objectives and knowing and understanding your priorities.

I am pretty sure you have enjoyed and learnt from my experience. Do share your views in the comments section. Gracias!

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