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“Be Yourself, Everyone Is Taken Up” – Anonymous

A story was told of a community that experienced a security challenge of kidnapping. All efforts to contain this proved abortive. When things grew worse, they all agreed to dress in a particular way especially on market days so they could spot and track any stranger around. This, was however not known to the members of the surrounding community.

There was this man who felt he could walk into the village at will to wreak havoc. All pleadings from friends and colleagues fell on deaf ears. He did not know that the material been used in the other community was distinguished merely by mere reflection of the sun. He got to the community and requested to purchase some goods. The seller having suspected foul play asked him some questions as to the community he came from. He however lied that he was a member of the community. To further clear his doubts, the seller requested to have a glance at his uniform. Unfortunately, there was no reflection. This proved that he wasn’t a member of the community. He was immediately sentenced to death as this proved he was a kidnapper.

You might be wondering the need for all these stories right? It is just to bring to your understanding the beauty of being original and not fake. The world is large and filled with different categories of people. Each individual has one unique identify known as personality. This forms the basis of what you might refer to as behaviours, attitudes, tastes, belief system etc.

Our minds have been conditioned to believe that we have to act in a particular way to be reckoned with. While growing up, I was always thinking that trying to live fake lives or changing my personality to suit an individual would make me likeable. However, with the level of experience I have gathered, I found out that it was a lie. People genuinely love people who are real and original. If in our everyday choice of buying, we as humans can prefer things that are pure, natural, unmixed, undiluted and original to things that are fake, why can’t we adopt that same lifestyle in all we do?

Let me give you a personal experience. I worked under a boss that was always bragging about several properties she possessed. She talked about having houses, lands and the likes. Several occasions demanded that we pay her a visit but which she disagreed. In the long run, we her employees found out that all she said she had were mere imaginations to fulfill the demands of fake lives. She was embarrassed and disappointed in the end.

We are commodities whether we agree or not. And we hope someday we meet out buyers. Buyers in this case could be our employees, and most importantly our partners in marriage. There is no point living fake to attract or please anyone. We all have haters and lovers and it is not possible that the whole universe like us even if we give “our bodies to be burned in the name of charity”. I

Well, let me end with this quote ” do not grow big trying to impress anyone “. Do your best and leave the rest. I am sure you have learned from the various experiences I have put forward, I will be glad to hear your thoughts in the comments section

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