The lockdown occasioned by the current COVID -19 experience in Nigeria is not a palatable situation for some people. Apart from the current inability to go out and hustle, the fear of been robbed, kidnapped and killed has continued to entrench the minds of some people in certain parts of the country.

A fortnight ago, residents of some parts of Lagos and Ogun states met the shock of their life as robbers invaded several houses dispossessing helpless citizens of their monies, treasures and other valuables.

As if that were not enough, bandits during the weekend visited some local governments in the President’s home state, Katsina. They without restriction hacked innocent citizens to death. According to reports over forty souls were sent to the great beyond.

Several other places continue to experience one form of social unrest or the other. These include: kidnapping, killings, rape cases and so on.

It is disheartening that citizens who do not have access to basic materials for survival and who are not expecting any support from government are subjected to inhumane treatment from people I ld regard as devil’s advocate.

Afterall it was the decision of the government to ensure and enforce a lockdown. Why then is it that citizens who have deemed it fit to obey the order are been rewarded by criminals who have no duty than to maim and kill.

Well, I do hope the government finds a way of putting this into a halt. Or what is your take on this issue? Do share your views in the comments section.

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