The word, ‘wait’ sounds distasteful whenever we anticipate the process. When you’ve been asked to wait, you spend that time doing little or nothing. That’s why the thought is very bewildering. We’ve all been in this situation at one point or the other but I’ll paint a scenario, let me get my imaginary brush…

You arrive at a bank only to find a queue at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). You grunt in annoyance as you mentally calculate how long you have to wait your turn.

Then you reluctantly stand at the rear. The queue is moving, but not fast enough for you. So you decide to fast track to help yourself. You then hand your ATM card and pin to someone closer to the front, but that doesn’t alleviate your agitation because your mind keeps playing ‘what if’ games.

Just when you want to shout “hallelujah!” as your helper is finally making withdrawals, your bubbles burst when he tells you that network failed just when he wanted to help you. But the next person could withdraw cash, which means you either have to wait in line again or find someone else to help you. What would you do? Your waiting period has been extended.

In this dilemma, most people would have lost their patience; pacing back and forth like they’ve got ants in their pants. Waiting does not come easy, I can relate. But there’s one thing we all need to consider: YOUR WAITING ATTITUDE.

In this process, we have to exercise patience, which is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. If after making angry comments, your mood changes and becomes foul, it doesn’t bode well for your emotional health and those who would come in contact with you at that moment.

While waiting, pick up a book, take a stroll or watch a funny video instead of complaining nonstop.

I hope this helps?

There are many things you can do while waiting, share your ideas in the comment section so that we can learn.

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