It wasn’t difficult for me to figure out the fact that the pen is one item I can never be without. At one point or the other, I always needed to put pen to paper.  A creature of habit; I felt it was impossible not to scribble words screaming to be heard from the crevices of my mind. It always brought a release.     

 What is writing to you?    

    For some, writing brings about liberation from the labyrinth of emotions, and for some others who have analytic minds, writing helps to discover new things about themselves. When I was little, I would write stories. I loved weaving tales, bringing characters into existence with the instrument of creativity in my hand and watching the paper come to life.  Even now, It is a way of expressing my emotions, letting them soar on black and white.

I remember how my dad always made us write letters to him whenever we needed to ask him something, I believe that also spurred me on, because I could express myself and tell him exactly what I wanted without struggling for words. 

Hone your writing craft    

    As a writer, understanding your purposes can help you in virtually every aspect of your writing process. Know why you write and it will come easy. You also have to be a reader;  gain knowledge and gather materials. Imbibe the culture of keeping journals; where you write memories and activities that prick your interest. There’s always an intense desire to write something. Roll up your sleeves and hone your writing craft.     

You can share your experience on why you love writing in the comments section…

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