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As I approached the supermarket, I noticed a man standing on the left side of the entrance; he beckoned to me, pointing at the makeshift tap and soap, which I realised was just in front of me. I smiled as I dropped my bags to obey the instruction. Staying indoors all day, made me forget somehow that there were still soaps and sanitizers stationed at every turn.      

After some minutes of shopping for dinner, a lady waltzed in. She picked up a large loaf of freshly made coconut bread from the bread shelf and approached the counter like a school girl who was being summoned to the principal’s office after being caught taking food from the school’s pantry. She stopped and stood afar off, stretching as she tried to pay for her items.     

I stared incredulously at the distance she put between herself and the counter. It was definitely more than an arm’s length. I watched silently as she struggled to reach for her items. Then, I blurted out,  “why not just throw it so that she can catch?” There was an uproar of laughter from the back as the lady scurried out of the supermarket.   

What about the next door lad who has decided to starve himself and not come out to restock his kitchen with food items. If you ask him, he’ll say he is observing self isolation. The fear of corona virus is as prominent as the tribal marks on his face.  

I get it that we are taking every precautionary measure there is to take; that’s surely what’s expected of us. But we must be aware of the virus called, ‘fear’; which could devour us if we let it. Everyday, we hear news of increasing cases and we look suspiciously at every face we see. We withdraw in fright when someone sneezes. What affects us more?

Some of us are glued to the television or radio waiting to hear news of worsening cases, ready to disseminate information; not minding if it throws people into a panic state. Yes, it’s true we need to be well informed on the happenings with COVID19 all over the globe; we also need to be encouraged.

Be heralds of good tidings in these perilous times as you encourage people to be calm even as they take precautions; not heralds of doom. Someone could die of a heart attack. 

Be an instrument of encouragement! 

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