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I stirred, my eyes fluttered open and I had the impression that there was a bright light trained on me. I turned to my left and there it was; someone was standing by my window from the outside and was watching me through my curtains. My first reaction was of shock. He was gone in an instant, scampering away like a rat in fright. My first instinct was to stand up, which I did; while muttering,  “Jesus, Jesus”. For what seemed like twenty minutes, I stood, rooted to the spot, looking at the corner the fellow had disappeared to;  and shaking like a leaf.        

It was dark, but my eyes had adjusted to the darkness. I immediately looked for my phone which I kept on the floor. It was 3:18am. I instantly locked the windows, not minding the heat that would greet me in seconds. I kept pacing up and down, relieving the horrifying moment; eventually loosing sleep till dawn.     

Few hours ago, I had left the glass windows open due to the intense heat; and decided to sleep on the tiled floor just to savour the coolness, no matter how little. There was power outage two days before so there was no source of light in my room. I hadn’t the slightest clue that something of this nature would occur because I had not experienced it before. 

 This is one of the means where persons from various spheres of life have been robbed. It is not an experience to look forward to as it can be traumatizing. Therefore, it is very pertinent to be conscious of our environment at all times. Aside from installing locks, bolts, alarm systems, security camera and using bullet proof doors and windows,  below are some ways to be security conscious:

Avoid keeping late hours  If you’re going to come late, inform someone close to you to meet you halfway. The probability of being attacked alone is higher than in groups.

Keep valuable items away from the window. Make sure all valuable items are kept far from the window and keep drapes shut. If you stay alone, always create the illusion that there’s someone with you. 

Be unpredictable with your movements. Most people are being watched as they move around the neighborhood, to know their regular routine. If you’re a creature of habit and you’re used to doing the same things everyday, you make an easy target. Change patterns and make it difficult for possible dangers. 

Keep doors and windows shut at night  After shutting your doors and windows, keep possible weapons close to you when you sleep. Maybe if I wasn’t in so much shock in the above case, I’d have sprayed insecticide on the fellow’s face just before he ran; as it wasn’t far from where I lay. 

As I related this incident to a friend, he shared his experience. Can you believe he came out of his house at that hour with a sharpened machete and chased the burglar all the way outside the gate?  I thought this was brave, but I wouldn’t advise such action. Because it puts you in danger of being attacked as you don’t know if there are some others waiting outside; the outcome would be a sorry tale. As you relate to this story, please be very conscious of your environment. It’s better safe than sorry. 

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    • February 22, 2020

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      I like the part you spoke of doing same thing over again.. Is the easiest way to be a target.. Also have reliable numbers to call


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