What was that sound? So faint! Are those my feet scraping the tarred road? I sighed deeply as I became aware of my surroundings. How did I get here? My eyes darted everywhere as if they were seeking answers from the cacophony of sounds.

Plaza and it’s environs were agog with activities. Men and women of various shapes and sizes hurriedly moved about; the nearby market, full of various food items, some of which were rotten and left by the roadside, emitting the pungent smell that was soon filling my lungs.  

The yellow Keke napeps were picking and dropping passengers; I looked at the dramatic traffic warden directing commuters from her vantage position. She looked like she knew her job well enough as she danced in robotic movements.  

The wind was howling like it was heralding the coming of rain; yet it was sunny. I imagined an elephant giving birth to her young one; at least that’s what grandma use to tell us. My cousins would whisper among  themselves in awe, while I impatiently waited for more stories. They always seemed annoying with their endless chatter.    

The toot toot of a Peugeot salon car jolted me out of my reverie; i stood aside while it veered to the street by my right. Still watching the tail of the Peugeot in its wake, like it was some possessed demon, I noticed a little girl sitting on a small stool at the entrance of the market. She seemed oblivious of her surroundings as she was so engrossed in sucking her mango.

I watched  the trail of mango juice as it moved gracefully down her arm only to form a yellow wet patch on her cute little dress. Sighing heavily, I thought how carefree she was; not having to worry about anything. A woman suddenly grabbed the child and only then did I notice all the stares aimed at me like poison darts.

I shifted my gaze and noticed the mirror a mallam was hawking. I couldn’t recognize the lady staring back at me.  Suddenly, like a shroud, the feeling of emptiness covered me. I wondered why I should be here. Ever so slowly, I took 3 steps and found myself in front of a truck. I heard a scream and turned sharply…then the darkness.

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