Even though we remained friends, Lucy and I grew apart when I became the teaching ministry head. I no longer spent time in her room; we lived in the same environment, yet, there were some days we didn’t see each other. I was pained at how the passing of each day widened the distance between us.

My friendship with Terry at this time, blossomed. It distracted me from thinking about Lucy. We did almost everything together but that was it. I didn’t want to spoil our friendship; besides, my brother had feelings for her. So I buried myself in church work.

I also had a friend in Bro. Joshua, our fellowship head. We were very close, so much so that, after discussing spiritual matters, we would talk about personal issues. No thought crossed my mind without his knowledge; in fact, he knew virtually everything about me. He was one of the reasons I didn’t loose my mind after the recent happenings with Lucy. 

400level was gone like a breeze. I already handed over the position I was holding; so Lucy and I resumed our friendship.  I still loved her and I thought we could somehow continue from where we left off. This time, I was no longer in school and she was in her finals; I was ready to have a serious relationship with her. I would travel back to school to see her on many occasions. But I noticed that her attention was divided.   

There was a new fellowship head, his name was Micheal. Joshua was in his finals too, and had handed over to Micheal. Lucy was in a close friendship with Micheal, even spending nights at his place to study. I was disturbed, so I would ask her repeatedly and she would say they were just friends. 

On one of such visits to see her, while questioning her friendship with Micheal, we had a heart to heart talk after such a long time. And she confessed something to me; to this day, I haven’t gotten over it.  Bro. Joshua and my Lucy had slept together. This blow knocked me out. I couldn’t believe he would do this to me. This was someone I trusted; he knew everything about me. I felt betrayed.     

Lucy told me she wanted to get back at me for cheating that one time; I couldn’t blame her. In fact, I found it easy to forgive her than Bro Joshua. I am not a violent person, I couldn’t confront him.  

And so, I bottled up the betrayal, blaming myself for what happened. Sometimes, I wonder if I should have talked to him, look him in the eye and hear what kind of excuse would spill out of his “backstabbing” tongue. I haven’t been able to trust anyone again.

Dear readers, I know some of you may have gone through a betrayal at some point. If you were in my shoes, what would have been your best approach in handling the situation. I need to know I have not made a mistake. 

The story continues… 

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