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For days, I watched Efe with trepidation thinking about how best to tell her. She noticed my anxiety on many occasions and asked, but I would tell her nothing was wrong. It killed me to lie to her and I figured it would be worse If I carry out what I had in mind.  

One particular day, I came back from the office so tired. I was greeted with a delicious aroma wafting from the kitchen and filling the atmosphere in the house. Only Efe had the spare key to my house so I knew it was her.

Just then, she came out bearing a bowl of freshly made chicken pepper soup, just the way I like it. I scooted over to the dining room, licking my lips in anticipation. As she brought in goat meat sauce and steaming hot jollof rice, I thought I would die waiting to dive into the banquet before me.  

I watched her come to hug me and help me remove my suit. Gracing my forehead with a kiss, she shooed me to the bathroom to take a shower, while she finished up with the Cole slaw and fruit salad. 

Coming back, the table was set and she was sitting in the dining room, dressed in the blue jumpsuit she knew I liked. I took one look at the scene and couldn’t help myself; I broke down in tears. She was beside me in an instant; and drew me to a nearby seat cradling me like a baby. This single gesture elicited more tears.

She held me for a while, waiting for me to pour it all out. Then I told her  about my fears and what I had intended to do. I would never forget what she said:

“I’m willing to wait for you till when you’re ready. No one is perfect! With that in mind, let us help bring out the best in each other. In our imperfections, we will love each other, at the same time, giving room for improvements. I love you Mo, together we can do this”…


That’s exactly what happened. Today, we have no regrets saying ‘I do’ to each other. We understood how to love, even with our flaws. Of course, there are times when we have disagreements; times when either one of us wrongs the other. We learn forgiveness because we know it’s not all a bed of roses.   

We have a full grasp on God’s love which He teaches us through His love for us. We are not perfect, yet we shine in our imperfections. We have four adorable kids and we plan on growing old in each other’s arms. It’s onward to forever. 

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