The joy you have, like an overflowing well of water when what you’ve been praying for comes to pass. You can’t seem to hold it down, like bubbling, boiling water spilling over an open pot on fire. You realise it takes more than patience to get there; you need the right attitude while you wait. Yes, it could be easier said than done; but you only need to try. Because having the wrong attitude could cause a delay; you’re so concentrated on what you don’t have that you don’t see all that you have. Be grateful!  

You’re a pretty lady in your late 30s, you’re worried about your empty ring finger, you sigh and carry a long face when you hear news of friends getting hitched as if you’re carrying the world on your shoulders,  you dread birthdays because it reminds you how time is not on your side. Who told you your time is running out? Don’t you know there’s an exact time for you to be with your husband and until it’s God’s time, you won’t get there? Don’t you know you have to have the right attitude while you wait for the time? Be encouraged! Go out, share joy as you go about your daily activities. You’ll realise, when you get there that there’s a reward for patience.  

Or you’re a young man believing God for a job. You’ve lost confidence in yourself that you’ll ever get one, even as you pray. You’ve lost the drive to go out and you  coop yourself up daily in your house. You’ve thrown your weather-beaten shoe in the corner and resigned yourself to wallowing in self pity. What are you doing to yourself? Don’t you know that as you pray, you must show that you’re actually ready for the job with the attitude you carry? Pick yourself up and use creative ideas to get busy before the job comes. Make an impact in lives around you. 

Or you’re a student who has taken JAMB multiple times without a good result, or you have issues in your results pending graduation or you crave for the moment you’ll carry your own baby, the list is endless; our patience is tested on a daily basis. Life does not always go according to plan, we cannot just click our fingers and take action. There are challenges, protocols, delays, all of which can hinder moving forward. They are not necessarily permanent hindrances but because we don’t know how long we will wait, we grow despondent and lose hope along the way. It will take time to grow patience and  just when you think you have mastered it, you will find yourself in a situation where you are yet again being tested.     

You have to maintain a good attitude while you wait for that miracle. Enjoy each day that you have and make the best out of it because each day comes and goes forever. Be engaged in doing something you love and you are passionate about; you won’t even have time to worry. Stay positive!  When you receive your breakthrough,  you can only share your experience and let it uplift others.  

Do you have the right attitude while you wait? 

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