He looked like the tallest glass of chardonnay as I watched him stroll towards me. Don’t mind my comparison, i like it better than a ‘beanpole’. 

Most evenings, we’d take strolls, forgetting time takes flight when lovebirds chatter as their souls fly. We were intertwined like the well knit baskets in Dugbe market, filled with tomatoes, smooth and rotten.

We’d take turns filling each other’s ears with gists as we sat on the cool pavement. The mosquitoes would sing songs of war, buzzing around our heads after unacknowledged bites. Do you wonder if those dreadful sounds of theirs was their way of craving for attention? Ponder on this, as you peruse the rest of this story.

We were the talk of the town…the inseparable twins. I kid you not, we looked alike. That wasn’t all, we felt alike, sharing the same characteristics. If only we knew what else we shared in common.

We always thought there’d be a story about either one of us being stolen from our mothers to separate us at birth. We’d give it a thought one moment and squash it like a bug the next. We couldn’t imagine how life would be if we were related. Oh that we knew!

We knew so much about each other that we didn’t think. We were ready to grow old in each other’s arms. We felt love; and love would do no wrong in our eyes. But like the sure rising of the sun, it dawned on us.

On one of such peaceful evenings, the tempest roared unexpectedly. Cupid’s arrow, shot deeply into our hearts couldn’t stop the impending rage of the storm. We realised we didn’t know each other’s genotype. Who was going to tell first?

My heart thudded heavily in my chest the instant his lips moved. I thought it would stop when he pronounced the dreadful words. It was like a thunderclap in my ears. Goosebumps filled my skin as the tears flowed. We held each other as our tears joined like the confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue.

We were in denial but in no distant time, it was over!

This is just one story out of many; of genotype incompatibilities in the world of love and relationships. This goes beyond your phenotype which is a description of your actual physical characteristics. Many have gone neck deep in love without knowing if their genotype was compatible.

It is imperative to know your genotype before you say “yes” to that … you wish to spend the rest of your life with or if you are in a relationship in which there are chances of conception.

The problem to avoid with genotype compatibility for intending couples is the sickle cell disease (a recessive disorder)–a very serious medical condition with high prevalence rates.

This is one break up story… Dear readers, were you ever in this situation? Or your breakup was caused by something else? You can share in the comment section.

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    • May 9, 2020

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      Wow.. We all have ours… The first past of the story … Brought a lot of old feelings… But is OK.. Thanks

      • May 10, 2020

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        I understand.If you’d like to share how you overcame it…it would be a form of encouragement to others. Thanks!


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