This period of my life was one of the times when you’re sure that God is indeed faithful. With the words spilling over and itching to come out of my mind, I’ll try to make this as compact as possible, God helping me.

Please follow me as this story unfolds.

I was among the last few to get posting to campus. The academic year had begun by November, my colleagues had even gone on Christmas break and back, lectures had resumed; and yet I hadn’t been posted. People started questioning the fact that I had graduated and that I was supposed to be in law school. I was so frustrated that I almost forfeited going that year. And my dad (God rest his soul) had told me that he was financially buoyant, and couldn’t afford to pay the fees.

But I never stopped hoping. I reached out to someone working in Law School headquarters, and I was told that my file was no where to be found. You can imagine the thoughts that plied the streets of my mind at that time. I had to pay the guy to help search for it. After weeks of waiting, I don’t even remember how it was sorted, but God came through. And I was posted to the campus at Adamawa state.

After some difficulties, my dad sold one of his landed properties and gave me 70% of the money for my fees. I felt bad about that and even though I wanted to go to Law school that year, I felt sorry for him and almost forfeited the admission; but he prayed for me and asked me to go. I travelled at midday because I wanted to meet up with the campus registration deadline as the journey would take two days. I got to Abuja late in the night and with the help of a friend, I slept in a stranger’s house. God was with me at every step and paved ways for me. Early next morning, I found myself on the road to Adamawa state.

The journey was long and tiring. And I arrived at the Nigerian Law school, Yola, Adamawa state.
My stay on campus was very interesting; I made new friends, who had both positive and negative effects on me. Studying was sweet torture because I had to do it double time since I resumed really late. At home, my dad was sick and the man who we sold the land to was demanding a refund for reasons best known to him. My heart went out to my dad because when all these was going on back home, he didn’t want me to know.

Times when I called to check on him, he always seemed fine and refused to say otherwise. I only got to know how bad it was, on one of such calls, on his birthday, the 19th of march, when my sister picked his call. He was in coma. I was distraught and intensified my prayers. I couldn’t study as constantly as I used to. And that was the reason (I found out from my sisters) he refused to let me know what was happening. He died few days later.
I was in church on a Sunday morning when my mom called to give me the news. You can imagine how sad I felt. Even as I type this, tears still come to my eyes anytime I remember this moment. I felt like everything was on standstill, a very trying period. All parts of me was shattered into smithereens. But I had to pick up each small piece and put it together for my family and myself. Friends supported too and the rest of the academic year went by.

Today, by His mercies, I’m a lawyer. As impossible as it was then, it came to pass. So to all those who are going through situations, law school and others, God will always come through; as surely as the rains, with each drop falls to the ground. Arise and Believe! This is my story, my song.

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    • February 18, 2020

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      The way others experience pain has nothing to do with how we experience pain. We can only tell our story, and as much i want to say i understand what you went through, i don’t. Stay strong, the source of your strength i pray it comes from the joy of our Lord Jesus.


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