It was one fateful day; I was left at home to babysit my little sister, then a nine months old baby. She was sleeping peacefully on the sofa and I had just gone from there to my parent’s bedroom to get something.

As I was coming out of the room, heading to the passageway which led to the sitting room where the baby was sleeping, lo and behold, there was a green snake close to the door leading directly to the sitting room. In two seconds, I found myself back in my parents bedroom; and guess what, I climbed the bed. For how long I was there, I don’t know, but it was quite a while.         

The sharp adrenaline rush that gripped me moments ago left me sweating profusely. I was afraid. I was also worried about the baby in the sitting room. While standing on the bed, I was saying every kind of prayer my little mind had ever heard. I’m sure that I had never prayed like that before, crying intensely and begging God with every fibre in me to save my baby sister.      

After moments of aggressive and  intentional prayers, I grabbed a cutlass with my left hand and an umbrella with my right, and proceeded to tiptoe towards the place I saw the snake. Well, the snake was nowhere to be found. I would like to think that God answered my prayers and steered the snake away from the house. Fortuitously, my baby sister was still sleeping soundly.    

  As funny as this story may sound, this is something I know many of us face. Have you ever had an encounter with snakes, please share your experience in the comment section and tell us how you handled it. 

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