Procrastination is one challenge we’ve all faced at various times of our lives. We struggle with when and how to get some tasks done; thereby delaying them altogether. I remember those days when we were given assignments or tasks in school, how we would postpone it till the last minute.  Not like it was deliberate; we always told ourselves we’d do it “tomorrow”. Tomorrow never came! 

There are times we have been motivated to make a change or start the wheels of something new entirely; either for personal growth or for others. The next moment, we fall back to our old pattern. You know that you’re procrastinating, for instance, when you have a report to write, you postpone it because you think the deadline for submission is far. Then, when it draws close, you have this nagging feeling reminding you that you’ve still not done it. I can assure you that you can only rest until you have done it.  

For students, procrastination makes them fail out of school. They put off studying till its few weeks to the examination. Eventually, they don’t have much time to cover all the subjects or courses, as the case may be. The result is poor performance. Someone who’s sick can delay going for treatment, then the illness weakens the immune system and breaks him down. 
     It’s important to arm ourselves against this thief of time. Below are some ways to avoid it:

  • Arrange your affairs;  you have to know which task needs completion. In doing this,  you have to be organized;
  • Keep it simple; take one step at a time and achieve your goals according to your ability; 
  • Create a schedule; know what you’re doing at each particular time. Usually, I list all the tasks I have to do daily, on a sheet of paper. It works for me. Then after I’m done with each, I usually tick them off so that I know which one is left. You can try this too;
  • Set a deadline; 
  • Be conscious and avoid distractions; for instance, that game on your phone taking your time; and
  • you can reward yourself when you’ve achieved half of what you intend to do.

Procrastination can cost you so much; from sleepless nights of thinking of loads of work to be done, to inability to make long standing decisions that will change your life for the best. 

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