There’s this saying that, to grow taller, you need to eat a lot of beans. Even I, when I was little, believed in it; how hilarious!  I’ve got friends who have beans ‘flowing in their bloodstream’ and still,  there isn’t any difference in their height. At one time in your life,  I’m sure you would have heard one or two of these beliefs.     

Sometimes, these sayings are backed with stories of how persons who have tried them, lost their lives, for instance, the saying that if you eat pawpaw and drink coke, you’ll die or the one where we were told that if you kill a wall gecko, a spirit would come and disturb you at night. This causes fear; no one would like to be a case study for others to follow; so they just pass it from one generation to the next. But who verifies them?    

These beliefs vary among the different ethnic groups in Nigeria. Some people believe strongly in them that they call it words of wisdom and wrap it up with saying that, “what the elders see while sitting, the children can not see while standing on the tallest mountain”.  Here are some common funny superstitious beliefs:

  1. If your palm is itching you, it means money is coming your way; 
  2. Whistling at night invites snakes to you; 
  3. Too many hands serving from a pot of soup will make it go sour; 
  4. When it’s raining and the sun is shinning at the same time, it means two elephants are fighting or a lioness is giving birth; 
  5. Hitting your big toe on a stone means there’s bad luck coming; 
  6. If you cross the legs of a pregnant woman, she’ll give birth to a child like you; 
  7. When you’re sneezing many times, it means someone is calling your name; 
  8. Don’t  eat food that has fallen on the floor, the devil has already eaten it;
  9. A baby shouldn’t fall from its mother’s back, it will invite bad luck; 
  10. Lending money in the early hours of the morning will bring bad luck.

Have you become a slave to these beliefs? Do you cringe in fear when you hit your leg on the stone? Then you need to get rid of such fears.  

What You Need To Do. 

Learn the origin of the superstition you believe in. Avoid superstitious beliefs when making decisions. Be positive and know that it only works because you believe in its inherent power.    What are some of the superstitious beliefs you’ve heard of, as the ones stated above are only a few that I know; and what’s your reaction to them? Let us know in the comment section. 

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