Why Some Women Are Putting Garlic In Their Vagina – Should You Try It?

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When it comes to home remedies, you’ll come across hundreds of ideas on the internet. But you have to remember never to believe everything you read. You may get hurt.

Some women are putting garlic in the vagina for a very strange reason. However, before you jump on board, you must learn the risks.

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What is the purpose of this remedy?
Since garlic is known to kill yeast, some people are inserting this into their vaginas as a way to banish yeast infections.
Some sources claim that if you have an infection, the trick is to put a fresh garlic clove into your vagina. But according to these claims, you should do so as soon as you begin to feel the infection coming on. Basically, when you start to feel some itchiness down there, you should try this remedy.
It is advised that you should take a clove of fresh garlic and peel it. Before going to bed, you should put it inside your vagina then remove it first thing in the morning. You should do this for only a day or two until you no longer feel itchy.
Should you try putting garlic in the vagina?
Apparently, this is a very risky endeavor. Experts explained that while garlic does have antifungal properties, it will very likely do more harm than good. First, putting garlic in the vagina may actually expose you to soil bacteria which may be clinging to the spice.
If you do insist on giving it a try, however, don’t simply shove a clove of garlic up there. Chop it into tiny pieces, then pour them inside a gauze. After wrapping the chopped-up garlic, you can then put in your vagina.
Even this is not always advisable as the fibers from the gauze may lead to more irritation. Our advice? Just invest in some medications to treat yeast infection. The vagina isn’t the body part to take risks with.


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