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Nigerians are seriously angry over Edo State’s governor hosting of BBA winner, Dilish.

Since the BBA winner won big show prize, she never stepped into the soil of Nigeria until recently when she got invited by the hard-working Edo State governor, comrade Adams Oshiomole.

It was reported over the weekend that the winner of BBA The Chase, Dillish came into Nigeria and was hosted by the Governor of Edo State, Gov.

Dillish announced on twitter that she’s in Nigeria, it was surprising that even the press didn’t know of her coming. she was given a Queen’s reception and also made richer by the Governor.

Meanwhile, some Nigerians are not too pleased with the governor’s action and gone to social media to vent their anger.

Here’s what a cross section of Nigerians are saying:

Where is Beverly? Shouldn’t she be first on that list? Well, nice one for Dillish, favour seems to encompass her.

Gov. Oshiomole should have blessed our Nigeria Melvin and Beverly who didn’t win now. Well as the saying goes we dont appreciate our own.

Haba, this one no be authentic o!They didn’t go to Benin o!Dillish was in Lagos first before going to Abuja then Maria came in and straight to Abuja

And the rich get richer.. Next

Dilish enjoy ursef jare

Hmmmmmmmmm! This Dilish take style be Asewo o! She was indirectly flaunting and advertising herself to the Naija ‘Magas’ while in the house now they are hosting her secretly..ok o

Our type of Government sha. misplaced priority things.

Sweet Delailah
Ok Dillish you can now leave our governor alone shebi u’ve gotten what you want…(HOOKER) tearing 100 metres race and dodging bullets

Oge franca
Hmmmmm enjoyment things.

Rough Diamond
Misplaced priority @d governor!
Hosting dillish is it your foremost duty? You know her from adam?

Really? With tax payers’ hard earned money? Enriching someone who already made herself a reasonable amount from not doing anything in a crap-hole house for 3 months?
Whereas there are people in that same Edo state who can’t afford three square meals,live in squalor and abject poverty?
A nation with misplaced priorities.

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