Old Skelewu Vs New Video: Which Video Rocked Best?
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This is the season of Davido’s Skelewu, and already we have 2 videos for the song. Three videos, if you consider the instructional dance video. One was directed by Sesan, the prolific filmmaker. The other by Moe Musa, the UK-based director.

But which of them is the best?

Sesan’s Video:

Sesan’s Skelewu video was accused of one major failing; The lack of a definite concept. The video began with a sexy lady taking a walk, with Davido staring from a balcony. He unexplainably moves into his room, and proceeds to rip off posters of himself on a wall. That was the last we saw of the pretty lady.

The rest of the videos showed a lot of activity happening at the same time. The camera action was a bit faster than the rhythm of the song, and there’s the inability of the director to give us at least a 30-second video of the ‘Skelewu dance’. The scenes quickly degenerated (or should I say devolved), into the regular party scene. Plenty of pretty ladies and an overflow of alcohol.

Moe’s Video:

Moe was excellent in the technology department. The cinematography was amazing, with picture quality on par with anything you can find on the planet. And the concept was not ‘regular’. It felt more like a Hollywood-inspired flick, with Davido waking up in a hospital after an epidemic of ‘Skelewu’.

The rest of the video shows him perambulating a forlorn street, and quickly also ‘degenerates’ into a ghoulish party scene. Moe Musa also takes it a step further, with the inclusion of queer characters dancing to the song. It looks awesome on the surface, but deeper issues lie.

The video lost the Nigerian ‘factor’.

Our Verdict!

Both videos had one basic failing, and that is the inability to give us a sustained visual of the dance. Skelewu gained massive acceptance due to its unique and fun dance style. Without the dance, the song becomes ordinary. Many Nigerians expected a video in which the main feature will be the dance. We wanted to see the perfect way to dance to the song.

Nigeria wanted to see the dance only! And they haven’t been given that. Both videos have their merits, but their flaws have taken away the essence of the song ‘Skelewu’.

In the end, many are wishing Davido stuck to the dance instructional video.

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