Nigerian Ambassador Demands Apology from US Senator Over ’419′ Comments


Nigerian Ambassador Demands Apology from US Senator Over ’419′ Comments

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz

Nigerian Ambassador to the US, Professor Ade Adefuye, has on behalf
of other Nigerians, demanded an unreserved apology from United States’
Senator Ted Cruz over his statement that the US Affordable Care Act
Exchange Website was being run by Nigerian email scammers.

Adefuye in a statement said Nigerians at home and in US were shocked
to hear that the Republican Senator from Texas, who spearheaded the
recent shutdown of the Obama Administration, could be associated with
such a remark, which till date had not been denied.

“For a start, we are shocked that a high profile Senator of a country
which is at the forefront in building a peaceful and stable world in
which nations and peoples treat each other with mutual respect could be
engaged in an act which offends the sensitivities of an important
component of his constituency.

“Our immediate reaction at the Embassy is to assume that you were
wrongly quoted and that the statement would be denied. We are however
surprised that this has not happened. We have no choice than to assume
that the statement was deliberately made by you.” 

In a short but incisive letter, Adefuye said: “I am sure you are
sufficiently familiar with the constructive contributions which
Nigerians have made to economic, social and political lives of Texas
especially in the Houston area. Every country has its own share of law
breakers. To use the activities of few as an opportunity to cast
aspersions on the integrity of a country and its people is not only
unfair but also excessively offensive.

“You yourself made the point that the so-called email scammers have
disappeared from the scene. But it is not because they were recruited to
work on Obamacare. It is because of the successful efforts of our
government working through the embassy and the international law
enforcing agents to curb the activities of these few law breakers.”

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