Is Keke Palmer Becoming Too Sexy?


Is Keke Palmer Becoming Too Sexy?


Keke Palmer is the new Chili in her latest film, CrazySexyCool – The TLC Story and she is ditching that kid look in Akeelah And The Bee for a very sexy diva preparing
for a bigger future. There are no complains whatsoever as to how she
brings it on the cover of famous magazines lately and her fans haven’t
stopped pouring in words of appreciation and encouragement. the Roll Out Magazine becomes her next venture into stardom after Fuzion Magazine this year. 

She might be remembered as the popular school girl in Akeelah And The Bee but Palmer is now spelling words like c-u-r-v-y, s-e-x-y and m-a-k-i-n-g m-o-n-e-y. Looking good
is top priority and she isn’t disappointing anyone at all. Things may
even become crazier when her new film starts taking her from one red
carpet to another in different parts of the world. This means, more
appealing appearances!


How would she balance this busy life? Palmer told Roll Out Magazine that, “Sometimes
my personal life takes a backseat. My job never takes a backseat.
Sometimes I feel like my life is in shambles and I’ll still be doing my
job. It’s unintentional.” In pushing up this dream job-life of hers, she
admitted, “I didn’t come from a lot. I had a lot of love and support
from my family, but as far as money and that type of thing,
I didn’t really have any of that. All I did was follow my dreams. If my
fans take anything from me, I hope it would be that. It’s not just me
being so special — they are too. They just haven’t realized it yet.”

From her manner of speech, it’s clear that Palmer is all grown up and she doesn’t disagree, “When people think of me initially, they remember me as ‘Akeelah [and the Bee].’
Sometimes it can be frustrating to be remembered at an age that you’ve
outgrown. But at the same time, it’s never frustrated me to the point
that I’ve wanted to lash out. I just take it one step at a
time. I’ve been patient in letting people adapt to me and my growth.”


Adding to that, she told Roll Out that,

“If anything, it makes you look even more like a kid! As an adult, you don’t have to go around saying, ‘Hey, I’m an adult!’ That would be like saying, ‘Guess what — I’m black!’
You know it already. I just [try to] constantly be a professional by
asking for what I need in the right way. I feel like you have to tell
people who you are, but you don’t have to be disrespectful about it. But
you also don’t have to be a shrinking violet. For a long time, when I was younger, I would always act like a little kid
and I would just [bow] down because I would never want to feel like I’m
being disrespectful to someone. But at the same time, I was like, ‘I’m 18-years-old and I’m not a kid anymore.’ I don’t have to wait for people to do things for me. I started saying, ‘No, that’s not OK. This is what I want.
This is what I need from you. Please and thank you.’ At the end of the
day, you’re going to have to speak up for yourself — and I learned that
after always being, for lack of a better word, crapped on.

[But] I don’t think that’s a lesson that comes from the industry, I think that’s a lesson that comes from life. I think no matter what you do as a young kid — you can [even] take it from your family. You may go off to college, you’re becoming independent and you go back home and your parents treat you like a kid again. To a certain extent, everybody has their place in their family,
but you have to say, ‘Mom and Dad, I actually have things to do.’ And I
think that’s a lesson that happens to everyone and everyone has to
learn that place in their life.”

Keke Palmer is rocking high and we so much love her even more!

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