Dbanj Dumps Polo Boss Daughter, Jennifer Obayuwana After Long Romance

Dbanj Dumps Polo Boss Daughter, Jennifer Obayuwana After Long Romance (Read 10558 times)

The talk of the town hot and steamy relationship between Polo Boss’
daughter Jennifer and Nigeria’s number one serial playboy/bachelor Dbanj
has fizzled out. The former lovers reportedly parted ways amicably and
are still friends,however having sex has been ruled out of their
friendship for now….not sure oh.

Jennifer Obayuwana is the
fashionista daughter of the very stylish Mr. John Obayuwana, the MD/CEO
of one of Nigeria’s topmost Luxury company, known to all as POLO LTD. In
fact Jenny or J-Wonder, like most who know her prefers to call her, is
the very hardworking, globe-trotting Executive Director of the 5-star
company. Since she took up more powerful executive role in her father’s
company (which includes CAT Construction), which in a way she
practically runs now, it has been an upward swing unprecedented for the
brand, with many world renowned watch brands the likes of Rolex,
Breguet, Cartier, Hublot, Gaga Milano etc coming on board and having
very strategic relationship with Polo Ltd, all of these successes kudos
to the gorgeous & hardworking Jennifer. All the while she was having
great successes on the business front, she was also seemingly having
fun on the love front then with her then beau D Banj.

Dapo Oyebanji aka D banj, aka Banger Lee, the only Eja Nla in Nigeria
let it slip sometime ago that he & Jennifer were in a love
relationship, loads & loads of media frenzy followed the revelation.
To some then, it was like it was a match made in heaven; With D banj
being the most visible Nigerian entertainer in the world and an eligible
bachelor at that,

whilst Jennifer, is also an eligible
bachelorette, one that is being primed to take over her father’s
multimillion dollar rated company. Everyone was thinking it would be
like one of those happily ever after love stories we get to read about
in all those novels. With many openly exclaiming how wow it was that
finally, someone of Jennifer’s pedigree was the one, that had finally
won the heart of such a player as D banj.

But alas, after only a
few months of the whirlwind romance, which many had thought might have
led to one of the weddings of the year, the steam in the love
relationship seem to have totally evaporated, the once celebrated love
has since waned and in its place just a platonic friendship remains;
with both sides just there for each other, to support each other as
friends any which way they can.

Jennifer, who only just returned a
few weeks ago from a short course at the Columbia Business School,
Manhattan, New York, USA where she had gone to brush up on her knowledge
of business, preparatory for some bigger challenges ahead, has since
moved on to pasture new.

According to some little information we
could gather, the very very busy schedule of the duo, coupled with some
‘other factors’ might have been the reason(s) for the break-up. Now
unlike sometimes ago in the immediate past, when it was always stress
coupled with so much anxiety for Jennifer while the relationship was
still hot hot, it has been more of bliss and contentment now for her
now, since both have parted ways and moved on.

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