As the world has become an increasingly sensitive and complicated place to be, where one wrong word or wrong step can cost you just about anything you hold dear, it’s necessary to pick up some skills that will not only make you thrive in career and business, but will also protect you against adversary.

1. Building Emotional Intelligence.
EQ is the “something” in each of us that affects how we manage behavior, and make personal decisions that achieve positive results. EQ is your ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others, and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behavior and relationships. 85% of the conflicts that arise at work and on social networks are as a result of a lack of EQ. Having the right emotional intelligence helps you make friends where others are making enemies.

2. Knowing When To Stay Silent.
Sometimes, all you really want to do is vent and say what you really think, but that feeling is temporary. Stop and think about what happens after venting. It’s human nature to want to prove that you’re right, but it’s rarely effective. Reacting to everything makes you fight battles that can leave you and your reputation damaged. When you read and respond to your emotions, you’re able to choose your battles wisely and only stand your ground when the time is right.

3. Time Management
One of the biggest things that affects our effective time management and stops us from achieving our goals is the decision between what’s important and what’s urgent. We tend to lose sight of the important things as we face inanities that add little or nothing to the big goals. One of the ways to know this is to measure the amount of time you spend on social media daily versus the time you dedicate to your goals.

4. Listening.
If we’re not talking, we’re listening, right? Well, not exactly. A lot of times, we think we’re listening, but we’re actually planning what to say next. True listening means focusing on what the other person is saying. It’s about understanding, not rebuttal or input. Learning how to suspend judgment and focus on understanding the other person’s input is one of the most important skills you can develop. It makes you an effective communicator, and that’s a rare skill these days.

5. Saying No.
The more you find it difficult to say no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout, and even depression. No is a powerful word that you should not be afraid to wield. When it’s time to say no, avoid phrases such as “I don’t think I can” or “I’m not certain.” Saying no to a new commitment honors your existing commitments and gives you the opportunity to successfully fulfill them. You can’t save everyone, but you must at least save yourself and every important commitment you have.

It is my hope that we can begin to learn these skills and adapt them into our daily lives to achieve our goals.

How many of then do you currently have?

In Pic: GlowVille back in the struggle with Island traffic. He is wishing y’all a fantastic week ahead. ✌️❤️

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