Nigerian singer, Giddy Willz was dragged across the length and breadth of social media over his comment that the ongoing silhouette challenge is devilish.

According to him, the challenge is not from this world but from the pits of hell which he wonders why many young ladies have jumped on it to promote nudity.

Taking to Twitter, Giddy Willz gave a brief history of the silhouette challenge saying it originated in Edo state, southern Nigeria in the year 1814. It is a demon that possesses one’s mind whenever the person stares whiles she dances.

He claims she was locked in the shadows of the night by powerful men of God and now she plans to return to the world through social media. In other not to be under her control, both participants and viewers should run to River Jordan to wash immediately.

His tweet has generated different views on social media with most people lambasting him saying he is denying people their right to have fun.


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