The world is embittered and concurrently facing dark times. Reported cases of racism, prejudice, violence and rape is on the increase and has crippled our values. Our laws are just mere written document without valid emphasis on its efficacy, leaving a lot of criminals free and rest assured. World over, our sanctity has been desecrated and many voices silenced, despite their struggle for justice. If our political frontiers would just sit and watch things happen without neccessary judgement accustomed to offenders, if they’d turn their backs and feign ignorance to the screams of the innocent , our land will forever be known for brutality and heavy calamity.

I’ve come to realise the clear difference between human being and being human; or how else do we explain the gruesome killing of Uwavera Omozuwa, the 22 year old Uniben student, who was a victim of some God forsaken mentally derailed rapists, to the point of desecrating a place of worship – the sanctuary; what effontery! Uwa was a helpless 22 who had a life, who consciously fought and was still fighting for relevance until she died. It’s like I’ve been awakened to the awareness that her voice and many others would forever haunt Nigerians and similar countries with this peculiar ordeal if candid and legitimate actions are not taken against the offenders.

It is sickening that some of us have been conditioned to think victims of rape were the reasons for this unwholesome act; forcefully against their wish. Some logically deduced individuals would want to query her indecency; it has nothing to with the uncultured desire to quench the perpetrators urge; it’s disgusts me.

Recovering from rape and sexual assault is as hard as living with the trauma for life. The bitter thoughts of the whole process would never die out; it lingers, tangled in shame, cruelty and the stigma that has made the asylums the homes of some. Uwa was suppose to be a voice for other rumpled minds, she had the strength to turn tables around and fight. Her embodiment like any other was one seasoned with the blood for justice and uttermost density for the innocent. She was a bright young champ who had a future. She was rid of her pride, she was abused and murdered in her prime – in cold blood.

There’s no other word for this act, but infernal and unhallowed; pure evil. There are so many Uwas out there, who have been made to live with the psychological injury for life. Their attempts to speak up or even whisper would only compound their dillema; ‘No one would believe me’ they’d say. A voice should be given to these ones to express their hurts without the fear of being judged. No one is safe and no place is safe; so pitiful.

For Heaven’s sake, where are our legislators? Is there no standard law for thorough investigation and prosecution? Straight up castration and execution should be entrenched in the law and strictly followed up. These malicious set of people should taste the agony of their actions. It’s sheer wickedness if survivors of rape watch their defilers walk freely on the streets without appropriate judgement. They should be brought to book and silenced lawfully.

Enough is enough!

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