As the world gradually heals and on equal footing battles the recent outbreak of the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19), a new technology is currently on the rise, and its large-scale adoption is extremely high. I can’t imagine today that virtually every service provider in the developed countries is upgrading its techonological functionality to the fifth generation frequency spectrum. The subsequent denouement and concordance in these regions on its own is mind blowing and its simple capacity to run down existing technology is a proof of a launched idea.

Issues have been raised all over about China’s intention to ultimately release the 5G development in a bid to emerge as the world’s highest technological innovator. Interestingly, they achieved this in just a night. This sudden advancement wasn’t a day’s job; it had its root from Geoff Brown’s initial plan around April 2008, and has since been a major trail, down to its recent proposal to offer nationwide the 5G proposal in the half of 2020.

Despite the exciting features of its ability to offer suitable functions in achieving cost, control, speed and reduction in entanglement, the detriment is however expressly undeniable. If the United Kingdom, Australia and the likes can be accurate in their plan of china’s product being eliminated and banned from their country, then the effects on human health would be alarming if the universe should consent to it.

Although there had been several false claims sweeping around the globe of the connection between the 5G installation and the corona virus, Scientists have denied the possibility of such news. However, this logical discussion and debate over its possible results on human health is the talk of the world now.

Accurate or not, these illusion is fast becoming a reality, and the possibility of both results here are on equal grounds. While China has a sizeable amount of secret inventions that can actively control the 5G installation should it go haywire, some countries definitely have nothing to fall back on. Even the supposed United States who is one of the world Powers may or may not beat the consequences; the feasibility is narrow. If the wide spread dialogue on China’s deliberate determination to beat the U.S hands down is true, it intensifies the phrase: ‘when two elephants fight, the grasses will suffer’.

Addressing ourselves on which side to fall on is now a major decision every one has to make. Independent territories and or countries should review policies before accepting any offer. Not all that glitters is ‘pure’ gold, and to think china is head bent on achieving this project is questionable. I don’t think looking before one leaps is gainsaying. What do you think?

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