What other plan does the year have left for us? You mean oil prices crashes to a record low? Market continues to be roiled by an epic collapse in demand caused by the corona virus pandemic. Global stocks are mixed as investors brace for more companies to reveal how much the crisis is costing them. It can only get this worse.

How on earth do we survive, when a major strength in many countries is fast on the run down? Do we have any other choice than selling our oils at the most unbearing prices? The whole story is now so interwoven and one problem is holding on to another like a metal chain string. The fact that the current expressions of some major companies is not smiling at all is alarming. Is there a guarantee that all these are pointing to a greater event that could wipe out the entire world soon?

Questions are being asked all over the media on whether a cure has been found to containing this pandemic, as important as this may sound, over thousands have died and no medication is yet to the found, and now this. We’ve just had the biggest hit in years. Only God knows what legacy the next generation would live for and what story the present would feed them. This is the height!

Flipping through an update on CNN few hours ago shows that companies like the “Almighty” Netflix and the Delta air lines amongst a few are at the verge of a massive decrease in profit and that the coming week would specifically narrate their ordeal in the last few months.

Now, agriculture seems to be the only sustainable factor that not all country can rest on, but a few whose land mass would be able to cater for the masses. Livestock and even plantations are the most neccessary as regards the outburst of the fall in oil price. Although efforts are being put in place by the neccessary quarters to stabilize the shift, it is also important we know that the whole world is facing a global reshuffling and survival rests solely on those whose resilience could lift them up this hurdle- the fastest.

Herein lies our fate, hoping that subsequent weeks brings us the best fortune.

It is what it is!

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