Hey! Yeah you, you with the dark eye lashes; Do you know what’s happening right now and the aftermath of these in the market industry? Do you consider what the naira is saying? Wait, our barrel of oil is daily on the lowest level and the prices of these may not be affordable, not anytime soon.

This isn’t just a story of the great fall of Nigeria’s stock exchangers, I mean the world is right now on two different worlds apart. Reality is dawning on us stealthily, and whether you like it or not, everyone’s gon’ be left alone when this is all over. Each territory is sure going to mind their businesses, and collectively deal with the remains of the Pandemic. Following the comparison of the Naira to Dollar and vise-versa, I can see the Nation in her fastest slope to an economic recession- the worst in years, and I mean it, the very worst.

Stop! Reflect and think deeply, look into the past, consider the present and imagine the future. Are we ever gon’ remain the same? Our civilization, our culture, economy, politics, even our existence- Would they maintain their initial shape?

I’m amazed at the dumbness of our political frontiers, as all they do is amass wealth- the rich getting richer, while the proletariat are left to feed from the bread crumbs falling off the table; that’s if it ever existed. Is Nigeria going to stay together when the whole of these comes to a halt? This is a rhetorical question everyone should not just answer without strategic analysies of how it’s unfolding at the moment. Critical thinking and dialectical illustrations are needed to weigh what we had years ago, concurrently to what we are heading for. The chances of survival is so frightening and lame. Don’t you think?

Now, let’s talk about the stunning look at the naira. Hello, the pressure is now so much, and in case you don’t know, well, Nigeria’s facing a multiple deficit “uproar” following the weakness in oil prices, and the exchange rate is wider and stronger than an average Nigerian would afford, not to talk of the lowest income earners. This is appalling, and come to think of it, this is war- war without weapons of any such, but one which seeks to turn the universe to a death pool.

Unfortunately, it has nothing- no single thing to do with racial superiority; it’s no respecter of person_ Black or white are the experiencing the same. Captured in the toothless grip of misery, without hope, without resillience and constantly fighting our unseen rival. To think Nigeria is looking to obtain over $6 billion in funding from World Bank, AFDB, and IMF as well as debt services relief on previous foreign debt is an evident analysies of her present challenges. We can go on and on like we really know what it is we are passionate about. Nope! Hell, No!

If this ain’t economic uncertainty, I don’t know what is, and in the end we’d be left with only one choice- hide from everything and everyone, and be faced with the biggest results and mistakes our identity as Nigerians have potrayed to the outside world.
I’m afraid of the moment.

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