I’m amazed at the sudden change in the whole setting. It seems as much as we had our own plans at the beginning of the year, especially for those who do the resolution thing, the whole schedule is crumbling. Am I the only one who thinks the year 2020 is a perfect year to actually achieve some good fortune? For Academicians, Students, Business tycoons and even the regular Social worker must have worked towards putting some real good stuff in place. I wonder how these agreements and layout stopped at the moment of glorification. Maybe it’s true the year had its own plan for us too–a major shocker.

There’s so much pressure in the world at the moment, and to think the universe is so knitted in webs and the hope of being free is so narrow. We are being concealed, and like the dark ages our fate is handing on one single energy–A Blank Space. While some countries are thriving, some are failing and absolutely at the hedge of falling. How contradictory. Careful creatures are now the brains behind absolute hullabaloo, and as viruses are being created and or discovered, ideas are concurrently being materialized into a huge investment that can render the whole world in shackles.

Are these the signs of the times like the clergy men will say? Politics, Prejudice are major weapons in all of these. A question is asked: Who will win the increasingly heated battle over trade and security? Nigeria’s overview is a whole lot of mental breakdown if you to sit down and carefully analyse every simultaneous occurrence; I bet you’d end up in any of the asylums.

The whole world is in chaos now. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t think that in the next 10, 20 years, I’d be confined to a place, my own home. I’ve been deprived of my right to free movement, freedom of worship and virtually every lawful attachments. Several predictions are just so breathtaking and at the same time disheartening. The obscure assertion by several astrologers are inherently so unavoidable. You ask me why it is, cause some of their predictions are coming to fruition. The several experiences are past finding out and one could barely figure out one before another erupts.

The Darkest hours; is that what it is? It is exactly what it is. Winston Churchill must have really seen the hurdles of making every moment count when it came to signing a peace treaty with Germany’s Adolf Hitler or relatively continue with the second world war. This very tough choice is what the whole world is trying to do presently. Like Donald Trump, the United States President would say, we are fighting against a common enemy, and as hard as we trying to go to battle collectively, our enemy is invisible. As invisible as this enemy is, it can outrightly see us. Does this make any sense? This is getting interesting.

Perhaps the twists of our hanging fate might rest on one single thing: Hope, with it feathers might bring us to our destination, and the world once broken will gather again

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