Mitchelle was tensed. No, not tensed she was scared. Daniel had called her into his private office. Yea, he has an office in his house too. It’s been a month and a few days since she started working at the Connor
mansion. She didnt know what she did wrong and it scared her..

“Breathe Mitchell breathe. He’s not going to fire you, you did nothing wrong.”

She knocked on the door twice and when she didnt get an answer, she opened and went in assuming the silence was a ‘come in’

“Did i ask you to come in?” Dan asked without looking up from his table.

“No sir. I’m sorry sir.”

Mitchell stood there staring when Dan
suddenly jerked his head to move his hair. It caught the light and the golden gleam nearly blinded her. His hair itself was like spun gold, each thread falling perfectly weaving together into curls that framed his tanned face.
He paused for a moment, tapping his pen quietly on the table. Suddenly he looked up and for the first time Mitchell got to look at her boss’ face. She caught a flash of his emerald eyes framed by tangled black lashes, his nose was straight and acquilline. His lips perfectly formed, parted slightly. Mitchell could swear her stomach fluttered at the sight. She quickly duck her head.

“What’s your name again?”

“Mitchell sir”

“Mitchell. hmmm. When are you supposed to arrive here daily?”

“7am sir”

“Good. I leave this house 7:15 everyday and
you are yet to arrive when I do. why?”

“ummm.sir my place is quite far from here and most times I don’t get a cab on time sir”

“Hmmmmm. a well planned excuse”

“It’s the truth sir”

“Look! don’t bother defending yourself, I
know the likes of you, the next thing you’ll do now is to ask for a raise or something. Money minded people. Anyways, there is a solution if that really is the reason”


“Have you suddenly gone deaf? I said there is a solution if that really is your reason”he
repeated raising his voice.

“You will move in. There are lots rooms here, pick whichever one you like”

“Sir…i can’t…its…i…” She stammered

“Miss Mitchell. I wonder if I made it sound like a suggestion? its not an option. It is an
order. Unless you don’t want to continue working here”

Mitchell kept quiet for a while. She was
confused. Not like it was a bad idea. It’ll save her the expenses of the cab. But, she was just starting to love where she stays and she would miss lauryn

Within the two months mitchelle moved into the mansion, she noticed the was alot of tension between Tania and her dad. There was no sign of affection. Even if there was, they did well to hide it.

Mitchell was determined to bring back the love between father and daughter. She knew how it felt to be abandoned by your father and she felt pity for Tania.

She got close to the gatekeeper and the driver so she could get any info on what caused the friction between them. They didnt tell her much though but she got to know it had something to do with his wife abandoning them and that it changed Daniel

“But he shouldnt take it out on the poor girl, she didnt cause anything. No wonder she’s cold and rude too. I gotta do something.

————————————— —————————————
Tania sat on her bed scratching her head with the back of her pen. She had been struggling with this assignment for a pretty long time. Her dad wasn’t around to help and even if he was, he wouldn’t have time for her. He is always busy. She didn’t want to go to Mitchell either, she would think she was starting to like her..

“Knock knock” came a voice from outside her room
she was about to reply when the door opened and a smiling Mitchell entered the room carrying a tray.

“I brought lunch”

“Why do you bother knocking when you know you’d come in anyways? ”

“And when will you learn manners and respect young lady? what do you have there?”

“None of ya business”

Mitchell ignored her and snatched the book from her hands.

“Having problems with our assignment i see? ”

“ugh! will you quit it mitch? I don’t like you and I never will so stop forcing it”
heartbreaking. but, all that is about to

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