Dan sat on his bed in his room. A lot was going through his mind. Why can’t he seem to get angry at her. On a normal day, he would have fired her on the spot but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Not to her at least.

“Why does it hurt when she ignores me? Why do i feel bad seeing her hurt?

His mind flashed back to when he woke up this morning to find her on his bed. He didn’t know how she got there but he didn’t care at the moment. He realise he hadn’t taken a good look at the woman working for him.

She was beautiful no doubt. Her thin lips parted as if waiting for a kiss, the gown she wore had ridden up exposing a reasonable part of her thigh. He was tempted to touch. He stretched his hand but pulled it back. He couldn’t remember the last time a woman made him feel that way.

He recalled several girls trying to get his attention. Some even tried seducing him but he felt nothing and here was a woman who did nothing awaking feelings, feelings he had buried for a long time….

“Could it be that…that…no..no….It’s not possible. I can’t be in love with her. nope.”

Just then Mitchell came in carrying a tray with food and the drugs she bought. She turned to see Dan still wearing his suit.

“You shouldn’t be wearing that. You’re not going anywhere. Not today, not tomorrow. Not until i say so”

Dan opened his mouth as if to say something but decided against it. He could see that she was still angry. Why wouldn’t she Be? Here she was taking care of the house. She had practically become Tania’s mother. She had done so much, much more than a maid.

It was because of her he was in good terms with Tania. She had done so much for them but he had let his ego blind him. He decided he was going to apologise to her

“but then again, I didn’t ask her to do all she did. She might have done it thinking it would make me fall for her. I only treat her the way a maid is supposed to be treated. I shouldn’t be feeling guilty about this”

He came out wearing just a polo and boxers. He sat back on the bed while Mitchell served him.vshe didn’t say a word to him.

When she was done serving and placing the drugs, she turned to leave. She got to the door she said…

“When you’re done, put a call to Tania, she’ll come get the plates. I’ll be too busy”

Dan noticed her voice was shaky when she spoke. He raised his head to look at her and saw that her eyes were red and swollen. He had no doubt she had been crying and he pretty much knows the reason why. HIM..

it broke him and he made up his mind to apologise…

“It’s just an apology. It doesn’t mean anything.”



“Why are you crying Mitchell? not that he said anything wrong. He was right.you are just a maid. But I thought after all this time maybe, just maybe he’ll see me a little bit more than that. Oh shut up Mitchell, you came here for work and not to fall in love with your boss. Love is not for you..l You’ll only end up hurt. So kill whatever feelings you have for him”

Mitchell said to himself and wiped her face with the back of her hands..


Dan waited the whole afternoon for Mitchell to show up. She had sent Tania to bring his lunch. It was obvious she was avoiding him. He had wanted to go look for her but he knew leaving the room will only aggrivate her the more.

Mitchell stood in front of Dan’s room, took a few breathes before entering. Immediately Dan saw mitch, he felt some sorta joy. he thought she would never show up. He smiled at her but she just ignored him and looked away. He felt that pain in his chest again and thought to himself.

“What were you expecting? that she’ll smile back at you? OK, its now or never. Do it. Do it. Do it Dan. For God sakes just say sorry” Dan was nervous.

“Mitch? ” He called with a tone he himself could not even hear

Mitchell was done and stood up to leave when Dan held her hand and pulled her down. He stared at her for a while unsure of what to say.

“Mitchell ..i…ummm…sorry..”he stuttered without even looking at her.

Mitchell snatched her hand away from his and stood up making her way to the door. Dan ran to her..

“Mitch wait wait. Please. I’m sorry..I ..I …I know I’m a jerk..I’ve been ungrateful..I’ve been unfair…I …I’ve been alot of things and I’m sorry….please

Dan sat back on his bed smiling. He was too happy to even eat. She forgave him. She didn’t want to initially, but he pleaded shocking even himself. He didn’t remember the last time he apologised and he didn’t care either, all that mattered was that she had forgiven him. When he was done, he took the plates to the kitchen. He found Mitch in the kitchen.

“Why did you leave the room? You would have called me”

“I’m strong enough to walk now. Besides, I wanted to invite you personally to Tania’s birthday party. Trisha will be coming over too”

“ummmm. I don’t think I can. I’ll be too busy”

“C’mon no excuse. plus Tania will be disappointed if you don’t come.”

“Okay . fine, I’ll come”

Mitchell was feeling a bit tensed. Being alone with Dan was making her restless. or was it nervous? Certain feelings and wants were beginning to form within her. She increased her speed so she could finish and go away from him. Dan noticed she was uncomfortable.

“Mitch are you okay?

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“No you’re not. You’re tensed. I’m I making you uncomfortable?” he asked walking close to her

“I said I’m fine. Please don’t come close to me”

“And i say you’re not. You’ve not even looked at me since I came in here”

he was very close to Mitchell now. He didnt know what came over him but he couldn’t resist the urge to hold her. He took the dish from her and dropped it.

“Look at me Mitch. Look at me”

Mitch still refused to look at him. She would have left the kitchen but Dan had pinned her to the wall. He used his index finger to lift her face till he was staring directly into her eyes and without thought he brought his lips to meet hers.

Mitch tried to fight it but her desires betrayed her. She closed her eyes and responded equally. He kissed her again and again, each kiss more intense than the last. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him. Time was lost until mitch pulled away.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry” Dan apologised but Mitchell didn’t wait to hear it. She ran out of the kitchen to her room.

“This is not real. It didn’t happen. Why did I kiss him back? This feeling. What is this I’m feeling? No, I can’t be in love with him. How? When? No I’m not in love with him. It was just…just a moment

Dan sat on his bed, stood up and paced about. He sat on the chair in front of his mirror then stood up again.

“I was only going to apologise then invite her to Tania’s party. That was all. It was that simple Dan and you went and kissed her. Why on earth did you kiss her? “.

His heart was beating faster than usual He could feel his heart beat against his chest. It felt like his chest would burst open. This
feeling. This strange but familiar feeling.


“Happy birthday baby” Mitchell screamed into a sleeping Tania’s ear

“(smiling) Thank you mom

“Get up get up. Take your bath and get dressed. We’re going out. Your aunt Trish is on her way too

“yeeeeeeeeeeeeyy!” She screamed and ran to the bathroom to bath

Just then, the door bell rang.

“Hello Trisha ”

“Hello Mitch (hugging)

“How are you and our little one in there.. (pointing to her tummy)”

“(laughing) We are fine..”

Dan came down when he heard Trisha’s voice. Truth be told, he missed her even her blabbings

“And the devil is back..”

“(laughing)I miss you too bro..”

Dan turned and smiled at Mitch but she quickly looked away. She was trying to avoid closure with Dan.

Dan felt that pain in his chest again. Trisha couldn’t help but notice the tension between them..

“ummm. I’ll go get Tania “..Mitch said and

“Dan, is everything okay? ”

“What do you mean?”

“With you and mitch?”

“oh! we are fine”

“Don’t lie to me Dan. whats happening?”

“It’s nothing Trish …its…

“Dan “Trish called almost yelling

“Okaaaayyy, Fine.I ..(clears throat)I kissed her and now I think she’s trying to avoid me”

“what! wait. What!!. It’s good news but…

“Aunt Trisha “Tania screamed.

“My darling (to Dan ) We have to talk


“Okay everyone is ready. Let’s go”

Trisha looked around but could not find Mitch. Few seconds later, she came down carrying their pack but she didn’t look dressed.

“You’re not coming?”

“No. I dont think I can. I’ll be busy here”

“hmmm. Busy ? or avoiding someone”..Trisha said teasing Dan who just looked down and sighed. He knew Trish would not let him hear the end of it.

“Please mommy. You can’t miss my party” Tania said giving Mitch the cutest puppy eyes she had ever seen. She looked at Trish then at Dan who wore a pleading look on his face

“Oh fine! let me get dressed”

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