The school bell rang

“Finally ” Tania said almost whispering. She came out to wait for Mitchell to pick her up. Some seconds later, she heard someone call her name. She turned around and thought she saw her dad

“Naaaah. It can’t be dad. Why would he be here? She heard her name again and this time she was sure it was her dad.

“Dad? What are you doing here?
“Hi Tania ” he said nervously

He couldn’t believe he was nervous talking to his own daughter.

“I …ummmm…I came to pick you up”

To say Tania was shocked would be an understatement. They went to the car and sat in silence for almost a minute

“ummm dad? Are we going to sit down here all day?

“Tania, can we talk?

“Dad please, I’m really tired and I …

“Tania please. I know I messed up. I’ve not been a good father to you. I have been unfair, not caring and I abandoned you, but i’ve realised all my mistakes. Please give me a chance to prove to you that I can really be a good father to you. Please ”

“Oh really now? And where do you plan to start from huh? 10 years! You’ve missed out on ten years of my life. How do you plan on making up for it?

“I don’t know yet but please give me a chance. At least let me try. Please, I am really sorry…
“Okay dad. Fine ”

“yesss! Thank you
Tania could not remember the last time she went to the mall or had this much fun with her dad. They walked into the house laughing really hard.

“Mommy” Tania screamed as she saw Mitchell

“How are you dear? You’re pretty late”

“Dad took me out. We had fun”

“Really? She asked taking Tania to her room and ignoring Daniel. He felt something in his chest

“Woow. She ignored me. Why does it hurt? Hmmmmm. No. It’s nothing.

Usually when Dan returns from work, Mitchell would run to him and get whatever it is he carried from him with a smile on her face. Even though Dan didn’t notice or appreciate it; or should we say he pretends not to, it’s one reason he looked forward to going back home. Her smile seems to have a magical effect on him but today was different. She didn’t even look at him and for some reason unknown to him, it hurts.

well, Mitchell had resolved to stay out of Dan’s way or anything concerning him. Being around him seem to have effects on her. Since the day he called her into his office, she developed a kind of admiration. No swipe that. An attraction towards him and she didn’t like it.
Things went on fine in the house, with Tania and her dad getting close, Mitchell and Dan ignoring each other

“Tania darling, Breakfast is ready”

“yeeeeeeyyy foooodd.”

“Go call your dad and come right down”

“Yes. Mommy ”

A minute later, Dan walked into the dining. He was unusually slow and seemed to be having a running nose.

Mitchell sat there watching him. He barely touched his food. She made a move as if to get something and touched Daniel, he was running a temperature. She left the table and came back with drugs and a glass of water. She dropped it beside his food.

“What or who is this for?”

“Tania dear, please tell your dad he’s running a temperature and he needs to take the meds else he’ll fall sick

“Ummm dad?”

“Tania love, please tell the MAID that she is not my mother neither is she my wife, that I am fine and I don’t need anyone to take care of me (to Mitchell ) so focus on your job and stay the hell out of my business”

He stood up and left the table heading straight to work. Tania who had no idea what was going on just shrugged and continued with her meal

On the way to his office, Dan kept muttering inaudible words.

“Who does she think she is? Acting like my mom or wife. Just because Tania now calls her mom, she feels she can do what she pleases. Not like she really cares, She’s just doing this for her self. nothing more”

But Daniel knew he was telling a lie to himself. He obviously liked what Mitch did. He saw genuine concern and care in her eyes but in the bid to protect his heart, he keeps lying to himself.
————————————– ————————————–
“Such a proud man. He should be happy I care enough to give him drugs. Not like I care care. I only did it for Tania. She won’t be happy if her dad falls sick. Maybe I should have ignored him.”

The ringtone of her phone interrupted her thoughts. She looked at the screen but could not recognise the number.

“Hello, Who’s this?”

“Hello. ummm. I’m I speaking to Mitchell, Dan’s maid?

“yeeess. Is there a problem?”

“Good. Please You’ve gotta come pick him from the office. He’s really down with fever. He’s passed out twice now”

“Jesus christ! I’m on my way”

“But I thought you didn’t care” came a voice from her head


Betty and Matt (also works in Dan’s company) helped Mitchell carry Daniel into his room. He was shivering and his temperature had gone really high. It made Mitchell panic

“I gave you drugs this morning but no, your stupid pride won’t let you take them” She said almost in tears.

“Quit scolding me, I’m not a child neither are you my wife and…

“Oh shut up Dan. Can you see yourself? Don’t give me that attitude” she said almost yelling and she didn’t realise she called him by his name.

She turned to thank Betty and Matt for helping her bring him home and saw shock registered on their face. No one has ever dared talking back at him. She noticed

“Is anything the problem?”

“Ummm …No …Yes …I mean…” They stuttered

“Anyways, thanks for your help. You can go back now. I’ll take things from here

She walked them to the door and went back to Dan’s room.

Daniel was still shivering and his temperature hadn’t gone down a bit. She went into the kitchen, got a bowl, filled it with water, collected a piece of clothe and went back into his room.

She dipped the clothe in the bowl of water and began to massage him till he fell asleep.

Later that evening, the doctor arrived. He ran some tests and prescribed a few drugs for him

“Get these drugs and follow the correct dosage. In a few days, he’ll be fine”

“Mommy. How is daddy doing(sad)”

“Hmmmmm. He’s still sleeping but the doctor said its nothing to worry about”

She looked at Tania and noticed she was still wearing her school clothes

“Baby go and change your clothes. There’s food in the kitchen for you. When you’re done, take your bath and rest. Don’t worry, daddy will be fine. Let me go and get his drugs


Mitchell came back pretty late. The pharmacy stores around didn’t have the drugs. She had to take a cab to the hospital. She went into Tania’s room to check on her. She was already asleep. She kissed her forehead, adjusted the blanket and left.

She went to Dan’s room. He seemed to be a bit better but he was still quite hot. She got the bowl and repeated the same thing. When she was done, she stood up to leave but Dan pulled her down. She fell on him. He said in a whisper.

“Please don’t go”

She called him severally but he didn’t respond. It appeared he was still sleeping. She tried severally to free herself but his grip was strong. She had no choice than to sleep in his room that night. She smiled when her body touched his.

Mitchell woke up that morning to an empty bed. Dan was not in the room. She called severally but didn’t get an answer. She left the room to search for him and found him outside about entering his car

“What is going on here? what do you think you’re doing?”

“You’ve forgotten I’m your boss and you’re suppose to address me as one”

“Don’t give me that. What are you doing? ”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m going to work”

“(laughing)I think there is something wrong with my ears. I thought I heard you say you were going to work”

“Yes I am. How is that funny?

“Mr Daniel sir,I am very well aware that you are my boss and you have the right to do what you want but not in this case. So why don’t you do yourself a favour, hand the keys to me and go back into your room”

“Look here Mitchell, I have told you severally to stay in your place. Just because Tania loves you and calls you mom does not put you in the position of my wife. You are just a maid. Focus on that and do your job. If you think you can work your way into my heart you lie, I know your kind. You just want my money. so…

“Just shut shut shut up. I agree I am just a maid and one of my duties is to see to the well being of everyone in this house and that includes you. Did you take a look at the mirror before coming out? you look terrible. If you had listened to me yesterday and took the drugs it wouldn’t have been this serious. You scared me. I don’t remember the last time I was that scared. You can call me what you want, think what you want. I don’t care but right now MR DANIEL CONNOR you will hand over the car keys to me and head back to your room and that is not a suggestion” She ended stretching her hands forward

Dan didn’t know what came over him. He just handed the keys to Mitchell and went into the house.

Mitchell sighed. She was trying really hard to blink back the tears that formed in her eyes threatening to come out. She was hurt by what Daniel said.

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