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Mitchell was so blinded by rage she barged into Dan’s room and landed two slaps on his face

“How on earth can a father be this heartless? I’ve kept quiet for so long hoping you’d change but this did it. Why do you hate Tania? Your own daughter. Most men would give anything to have a daughter as sweet as her and here you are treating her like a stranger. You’ve never shown concern for her. All you do is work, work, work and now you went hitting her without even knowing the reasons for her actions. Have you ever seen her being violent before? She has been bullied for a long time in school and you knew nothing about it all because you claim to be too busy even for your own daughter and when she tried to defend herself, you spanked her. Let me ask you. Was she the reason your wife left? huh? Why are you taking out your anger and aggression on her? Is she her mother? The reason for all this, why they picked on her today is you. It’s your fault. Take a look at this (she throws a book at him) You are a failure of a father. No child deserve a father like you”

Mitchell ended trying to catch her breath. She didn’t realise she was holding her breath the whole time she spoke.

Daniel on the other hand was still surprised and dazed from the slap. He barely heard what she said.

“You fool. How dare you raise those filthy hands on me? You dare to slap me? Do I need to remind you that you’re just a maid? A mere maid. You slapped me?

“Jeeeeez. All you’re concerned about is the slap. Did you even hear a word of what I said?

They graduated into a heated arguement. In the heat of the arguement, Dan raised his hand to slap Mitchell

“Daaaaaaad “

They turned and saw Tania at the door. They didn’t notice she had been standing there all the while. Dan brought his hands back down…

“you know what? You’re fired”.

“Don’t even bother cos I quit”

Mitchell yelled and stormed out of the room….

Tania sat on the dining together with her dad. They ate breakfast silently. Not like they converse other times but the silence this time was deafening.

Mitchell came into the parlor carrying her bags. When Tania saw her, fresh tears poured down her face. It broke Mitchell to see e Tania cry. She is definitely going to miss her

“Please don’t go aunt Mitch, please”

“Oh shut up Tania “Dan said but that didn’t stop her.

Mitchell got to the door when Tania called

“Mom? Mom please don’t go”

You could clearly see the shock on Dan’s face. The bags fell off Mitchell’s hand. She turned to see Tania on her knees. She ran and hugged her

“You called me mom?”

“You always wanted that right? You’ve been like a mother to me. You’re my mother now. Please don’t leave me like my first mom did. I promise I won’t fight again. I’ll be a good girl. Please mom. don’t go.

“Shhhh Shhhh baby. I’m not going anywhere.

Dan stood up from the table and left. He was angry. At who, what or why he didn’t know
————————————— —————————————
Daniel sat quietly in his office staring at nothing in particular. The events from last night till that morning kept replaying in his
head. The things Mitchell said to him were beginning to sink in. He has been unfair to Tania.

He looked at the book in his hands. It was the book Mitchell threw at him. Tania’s assignment. They were asked to talk about their dad and Tania could not say anything, not even one thing. But, who could blame her. Has he ever been a dad to her?

He knew he had to make amends. Then his mind flashed to Mitchell and he felt a surge of excitement. The same feeling he felt the day he called her into his office. The same reason he had been harsh and hard on her. He felt some sort of attraction towards her.

“Shouldn’t you apologise to her too? No! I only treat her like a maid should be treated. She had no right to do what she did”

He tried to convince himself he wasn’t wrong but truth be told, he was happy Mitchell stayed and he was not happy about it.

Enough of Mitchell he told himself, I have to make things right with my daughter. He quickly sent a text to Mitchell

“I’ll pick Tania from school don’t bother going..”

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