Monday morning saw a tensed, worry striken and frightened Mitchell. She had woken up late and was in a hurry to make breakfast, making a mess of the kitchen

“This is all your fault Lauryn. Let’s go, you refused. See what you got me into.

Mitchell and Lauryn had both gone out the previous night. Lauryn had just been promoted and given a raise and she decided to treat Mitch out.

They partied hard and late into the night but when Mitch was eventually ready to go, Lauryn didn’t want to leave. She was hung up on this cute guy she met. Mitchell pleaded for almost an hour before she agreed to leave but not without the dude’s contact though.

“Mitchell what is going on? where is breakfast? ” Dan yelled from the dining.

“shit! I am so dead”

she ran out with a tray containing their breakfast.

“What in heavens name took you so long? You don’t take your job seriously huh?”

“I’m sorry sir. So sorry

Few minutes later, Daniel left for work and Tania for school. Mitchell cleaned up the dining and took the dishes to the kitchen. She was still doing the dishes when her eyes fell on something.

“Holy smokes! Her lunch. Tania left her lunch. Silly me. I still have time though. When I’m done I’ll take it to her..

Tania searched her bag frantically for something.

“No No No my lunch. It’s all Mitchell’s fault. What do I do now? I’m gon be in trouble”

She was still thinking of what to do when she felt a shadow over her

“Hello T. give me it. Now ”

“uummm. Sandy I forgot my lunch. It’s not here.”

“What? Helena yelled

She snatched the bag from her and emptied its content on the floor

“oh! I get it. It’s a new tactic. Right.?

They pushed her and she fell on the floor followed by series of slaps.

“What in the world! What is going on here?

They turned around and saw a lady.

“And who are you suppose to be? ”

“I’m Tania’s mom”

They drew back in fear. Mitchell held both of them by their uniform.

“If this ever happens again, you’ll have me to deal with. in fact, I am going to let the school authorities hear this”

“We’re sorry ma’am” They said running off

“You didn’t have to do that. I was fine.”

“Shut your mouth. What the hell happened here? We have alot to talk about young lady.”

Tania had never seen Mitchell this angry. Not even when she disrespects her. She knew better than so say a word more.

“You will tell me everything and you will do it now”

“Yes ma’am”

“Good. Now where do we sit? ”

“You mean this has been happening for this long and you didn’t say anything to anyone? ”

“I tried talking to daddy about it but he’s always too busy to listen to me. I even reported to the school authorities but nothing changed”

“I’m sorry about that hon but not to worry I’m here now. It’s never going to happen again” Mitchell said hugging Tania

For the first time in a long while Tania felt that motherly love she had always longed for. She released herself and sobbed on Mitchell hugging her tightly. That marked the beginning of a wonderful relationship. They got so close it even made Dan jealous. He noticed some changes in Tania, good changes

“The maid was a good idea afterall.” he thought


6:45pm on a tuesday evening, Mitchell had gone to the grocery store to get stuff she would prepare dinner with. When she came back she noticed there was something wrong.

“The house is awfully quiet. Tania, sir.” She called but nobody answered.

She went into Tania’s room and saw her crying in the bed.

“Oh my God Tania what is the Problem? why are you crying? ”

“Dad dad spanked me” She said in between sobs

“What? Why?”

“He said he got a call from school that I was in a fight”

“Were you?”

“I only defended myself aunt Mitch. Sandy and Helena tried to pick on me again because of an assignment I failed. I only defended myself”

“Let me see the assignment”

Mitchell’s face turned red from anger

“That’s it. I have had it up to here” Mitchell said heading to Dan’s room

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