“What do you mean Dan? Why did you let Laura stay here? After all she did? You forgive her like that? Mom and Dad left in anger because they could not bear to stay in the same house with that witch. Dan Dan what about Mitchell? What will happen to her now? Did you just lead her on? I blame myself for this. I shouldn’t have encouraged her.”

“Please Trisha calm down. Please . It’s not what it seems. Didn’t you listen to her story. I just wanted to help her and finally annul our marriage. We weren’t actually divorced. She just left and I can’t move my relationship with Mitch forward. be patient with me. I’ll fix this soon and talk to Mitch for me too. Please.”



Laura was on the phone

“Sweetheart, the first step is complete. He bought my story. I have already gotten into the house everything else is simple. It’s up to you now. Like we suspected there’s another woman here but if you play your cards well, we’ll be rid of her in no time. kkk. I love you too. bye”

(thinking out loud)

“Ooh Dan. Still as gullible as ever. How easily I fooled you. hmmmmmm….I still have to get you to give me back my 30% shares in the company coupled by the 40% I bought from the other investors, your company will be mine. Next step is to seduce him and get him to give me back my shares.(smiling)

Mitchell stood in the kitchen. She was lost in thoughts and she didn’t hear Laura come in.

“Hey you.”

“Oh hi.”

“Is that how you talk to your boss’ wife? I don’t know how things went on around here but its about to change. You might have been screwing Dan but don’t get it all up in your head it only made you a mistress since Dan and I are not divorced. I’m his wife and I’m here to stay so it’ll be in your favour to know your place..” Laura said and left.

Mitchell fell to the ground crying.

“I knew it, I knew it. Why did I allow myself to fall for him? Love was never for me. See how I fooled myself.”

Just then Trisha came in and saw Mitch on the floor crying.

“Oh Mitch. I’m sorry for all this. No one expected this. Please be patient with Dan. He loves you and won’t let anything come between you two. He’ll fix this. I promise..”

“No Trish. I don’t belong here. I can’t stay. I gotta go.”

“Please don’t go. Give it time. ok…ok. Let’s do this, stay for a few days. If things don’t change, you can leave. No one will stop you.”
The door bell rang. Mitch opened the door but she didn’t recognise the man at the door.

“Hi, can I help you? “

“Oh Mitch my love. I’ve missed you. Why did you abandon me after all we’ve shared? Come back to me please.”

“What is the meaning of this? I don’t know you. Please leave..”

It resulted to an arguement and it drew the attention of everyone in the house..

“What is going on here? “Dan asked.

“Sir, Mitch here is my fiance. We were going to get married but she left me. I guess you were her next victim. I see you are rich. I’m here to take her back with me.”

“Mitch (shocked) Is this true?”

“It’s not. Believe me. I don’t even know this man. Dan I swear”

She held him but he snatched his hands from hers and went to his room. Laura gave the strange man a knowing look and the man left.


Dan was so confused. He didn’t know what or who to believe. The man seemed sincere and Mitch is saying she doesn’t know him. Laura came in.

“Oh Dan, don’t tell me you’re bothered with what happened a while ago? You know she only wanted your money. I’m here for you my love (trying to kiss him) I have an idea. Why don’t you give me back the 30% shares I owned so I can help you manage the company well while you take some time off.”

“I can’t do that Laura. You’ve been gone for ten years, I can’t just…

“Oh come on Dan, You’re the boss. You can do what you want or haven’t you forgiven me?”

“I have but..

“But nothing. I just wanna help you..”


“yes! Thank you for trusting me..”

Dan was about to go call Laura to come sign the documents when he overheard her making a call..

“Wow baby, you did great. He fell for it. I’m going to be the owner of his company in no time. I told you he was gullible. Thank goodness Tania left with her grandparents, she might have been trouble. After tonight we’ll both become the owners of his company (smiling)

Dan was shocked. To think he actually wanted to help Laura.

“She lied to me again. The story she told me was false. How can I be this foolish? To think I doubted Mitch. hmmmm…

Ana idea came to him. He went back to his room, called someone.

After a while he got a delivery. He opened it, smiled and went to Laura’s room.

“Laura, I came with the document. After you sign, I’ll take you to the company tomorrow and tell them you’ll be resuming.”

“yes…yes…yes…thank you for trusting me.”

“No. Thanks for being here to help..”

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