“Daniel Daniel.What is wrong with you.uh.? Trisha asked obviously angry at his brother
“mind your language young lady, I’m still your elder brother”Daniel retorted
“and I don’t give a darn. Come on Danny it’s been ten years.ten long years since that Lauren of a woman left you.You should be over her by now.why haven’t you remarried?
“Because, trisha.All women are the same.they only want your money and when the money disappears, so do they.I don’t need a woman in my life.I am fine the way I am
“oh yeah? She asked, Arms akimbo
“yeah.”Dan replied dropping the pen he was holding and turning to face Trisha
“then what about Tania Dan? Don’t you think she needs a mother in her life? She needs love and care.something you don’t give her.”
“Are you trying to say I’ve not been a good father? Dan asked getting infuriated at his sister
“as a matter of fact, that is exactly what I mean.
“How dare you.I pay her tuition feed her.i..
“And you think that is what makes you a good father.huh?I doubt you even remember her birthday. When last did you take her out Daniel? When it comes to family days in her school had you ever been there?darn you Dan.she is going be thirteen soon. You’ve missed out on ten years of her life.all you do is work.work.work.I’ve been filling in for you which is going to end any moment. I’ll be married in two weeks and will be leaving to Canada with my husband.go get a wife Dan.yes Laura never loved you, she duped you and all but there are still good women around, get married please. Are you listening to me?
“I’m sure I would still hear you even if I had an earphone on.look Trisha, there are no good women anywhere.show me a woman that is not after my money.(scoffs).wife indeed.I can get a maid or something but a wife?no way.never happening.” he stood up and went to his room.
“SMH. (sighs).a maid is close enough I guess.
*Backwards 14 years ago*
Daniel was a young successful businessman.he made his money early not without his father’s influence though. Immediately Dan finished school his dad did not waste time in securing him a job.from there he established his own and in no time he was swimming in money.

One evening after work, Daniel who was tired and hungry went into a restaurant to eat and that was where he saw her.she looked like an angel in her red gown that hugged her and showed her killer curves.she certainly had heads turning.she was already set to leave when Dan walked in, and he was not about letting her slip through his fingers.he ran after her.
“hiii.. beautiful.. hellooo.excuse me”
“yes.what can I do for you.?” the lady asked not looking at him
“ummm you could give my heart back to me.”
“Pardon?” she said raising her head
“yea you stole my heart away the moment you stepped in and I came to get it back or I might die.”
“(laughing)oh stop it.”
after a little chit-chat, he asked for her number Laura looked at him from his head down to his shoes
“not bad.” she thought
three years after their meeting, they got married soon they had a baby girl but things began to fall apart.his business was going down the drain, and they had incurred debts everywhere.that was when Laura left him.he couldn’t turn to his father because they had a bit of a fall out when Dan decided to go his way.his friends abandoned him.it took two months to realise that Laura was responsible for his fall All the while she was with Dan and working in the company, she had been stealing and transferring money from the company’s account to another account which they later found out belonged to her boyfriend.Laura didn’t just drain and dupe Daniel, but she also cheated on him and all the attempts to smoke her out failed, so they let the issue die.during that period Dan became a heavy drunk. All Trisha’s endeavour to stop him failed and if she hadn’t been around, there would be no telling of what might have happened to Tania.
Dan sat on his bed thinking out loud
“it took me seven years..seven f**king years to get back on my feet again.to get my shit back together, and she’s talking about a wife I’m not about letting a woman come and mess my life up again.nope.not happening.



Hmmmmmmm. Some women

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