The next morning, Gwen’s mother drove her to school. She had asked Gwen to stay behind but Gwen had insisted on coming to school.

“sweetie, are you sure you can stay. I’ll advice we go back home.” her mother said

“I’m fine mom. Besides, Theo and Rosie are here. they’ll make sure i’m safe. see ya later mom.” she said and stepped out of the car.

she saw all the students outside. she wondered what must have happened.

oh! she sighed when she remembered the principal told them inspector Joe will be coming to do a thorough check on the place.

it was Austin who first saw her. he immediately ran to her.

Jennifer 1 on seeing him. followed.

“My oh my! Gwen, you don’t look so good. what…

“Austin, what is going on here?” Jennifer interrupted.

Austin ignored her and continued talking to Gwen.

They were about to walk past her but she pulled Gwen back and was about to slap her when but her hand stopped mid air. Gwen caught her hand.

“look here jennibitch, I’m in no mood for your nonsense. you had better get off my case. else…” she dropped her hand and walked away.

Austin was about following her but Jennifer held him back.

“where are you going? you saw what she did. She humiliated your girlfriend and you just do nothing?”

“girlfriend? I don’t have one. you deserve what you got. it’s over.” Austin said

“it’s all your fault Gwen. I’ll make you pay.” she said to herself.


Gwen, Theo, Rosie and Austin went to a corner so no one would hear them

“Gwen, you don’t look so good. anything the matter?” Rosie asked.

“(sighs) I’ll tell you guys later but first, Theo, what are the results..” Gwen asked

“OK here goes. The finger print on the earring and the blood sample you gave both belong to one person. Clarice Lukeman. who is a student of hollywood high. I ran a background check and discovered that there was a meteor shower in her city and she died together with her mom”

“what? impossible! how can she be dead and her earring found in our school and how come the beast blood matches hers.” Austin asked

“that’s the issue. we don’t think she died. maybe the meteor that hit her gave her powers that made her transform into a beast. we traced the time the killings started and it dated back to the same date of the meteor shower.” Rosie added

“hmmm. so what you guys are saying now is that, this Clarice Lukeman might be the killer or beast…which ever.?” Gwen asked

“exactly!”Theo said

“hmmm but what about Diana.? She had wounds at the exact spot inspector Joe said he shot the beast.” Austin said

“And that is another scarey thing. Take a look at this (bringing out a picture from his bag and handing it to Gwen) That is a picture of Clarice Lukeman”

“what? She looks just like Diana only very  fat.”

“Good. based on that we ran a background check on diana too and we found out no one exists by such name. Diana is a fake. she might be same person as Clarice lukeman and clarice lukeman might be the beast. so all three are one and the same person.

“christ! that is indeed scarey and I have a feeling we’re the next target on her list.” Gwen said.

“what does that mean?” Theo asked

“I think she knows we’re on her trail and she is trying to get rid of us. she attacked me last night..”

“what? wait what?” Rosie exclaimed

“yes. you heard me right.” Gwen said

“what do we do now? we can’t let it strike again. we have to stop it before it gets to us.” Austin said

“we still don’t know if Diana is the same person as clarice. That is the next thing to do now.” Rosie said.

“I’ve got an idea. let’s share ourselves in two. Austin and I will follow Diana to her place. Theo, do you have the address of clarice?” Gwen asked

“yes. yes I do.”

“good. You and Rosie will go check out the address. agreed?” Gwen said

“agreed.” they chorused

“ok. we’ll do that after school. Let’s dispatch now.”

They went back to their classes. Gwen looked around for Diana but didnt find her. it got her worried. Not because she cared but because it would ruin their plans. which was why she felt relief wash over her when she saw her walk into the class but one thing surprised her.

There was no bandage on her head


The school bell rang for closing. The four of them met outside the gate waiting for Diana to come out.

After a while, she came out. The four of them seperated and started their mission


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