When they had gotten outside the school gate, Gwen excused herself.

“I’ll be right back. I forgot to lock the bathroom doors .” she said and went back in.

she went into the bathroom and looked.

“There it is.” she said

she really did not forget to lock the door, she only went back because she saw blood on the window. she wanted to collect it and give to Theo who would then run tests on it. S

She climbed the toilet bowl, collected the blood and came out

“let’s go guys.”

“uumm. thank you for your help but I think I can go by myself. Besides, my house is not on your way.” Diana said

“Are you sure you’ll be fine?” Gwen asked

“yea. I’ll be fine.” she said

“OK then. see you in school tomorrow.” Gwen said as she assisted Austin


She growled angrily as she searched for her next victim. she can’t go a day without killing someone. it’s her strength. Its the only thing that she survives with.

“this is all your fault Gwen. you ruined my plans. I think I’ll have to get rid of you. you’re too smart for my liking but first i have to find dinner else I won’t survive the night.

she saw a rat run by. she caught it, bit its head off and drank its blood.

“useless.” she growled

Just then she heard the hooting of a car. She smiled.

she transformed into a beast and jumped atop the car.

it was inspector Joe and his partner. they were on night duty.

she broke into the car and picked his partner by the neck. inspector Joe fired several bullets at it.

it wounded the beast but did not stop it from devouring his partner.

The beast saw that there was no way it could get inspector Joe. It ran

,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The next day during lunch break, Gwen called Theo and Rosie to a quiet corner at the school garden. she didn’t want anyone hearing them.

“what did you find out?” Theo asked.

Gwen brought out the earring and the blood sample and gave it to Theo

“wait a minute! this earring belongs to Diana.” Rosie said

“Diana? it can’t be.”

“I’m sure of it. she wore it the first day she came to school. I can’t forget. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.” Rosie said.

“hmmmmm. it could be hers. She was also in school yesterday Together with Austin”

Gwen went ahead to narrate the incident to them.

“jeez! poor Diana. She must have been very scared.” Theo said

“bullshit! I don’t like her. Something feels off with her.” Rosie said

“c’mon, its cos of your jealousy.” Theo said

“it’s not. my instinct tells me not to trust her.” Rosie said

“look guys. You can have your lovers quarrel later but for now, take this and run tests on it. get back to me with the results. while Austin and I will continue searching. okay?”

“fine.” they chorused

“let’s go before someone looks for us.”

On getting to the cafe, Gwen saw inspector Joe being interviewed on the TV.

“please ma. turn it up.” she said to the lady incharge of the cafe.

inpector Joe:::i shot twice on the neck and arm so hospitals be at alert, report any gunshot injuries to the police.

Just then Diana walked up to them

“hi guys (to Theo) I hope you guys have sorted your issues.” she said

“(smiling) yea we have.” Theo said pinching Rosie on her cheek.

Gwen noticed a scar on Diana’s neck

“Diana, what happened to you?” she asked pointing to her neck.

“oh that! i got in a fight with my bro.” she said convincingly

“oh! ok.”

they sat and chatted for a while. Gwen who was not convinced with her explanation sent a text to Rosie’s phone since she was the one who sat close to Diana.

“check her arm.”

Rosie pretentiously thugged on Diana’s arm.

“come. let’s go and play.” she said

“aaaahhh. that hurts.” she yelled

“I’m sorry. I didnt know. was it as a result of the fight too?” Rosie asked.

“yes. I gotta go.” Diana said and left.

Thethree looked at themselves.

“what do you think?” Gwen asked

“we can’t be sure yet. let’s get the result first..” Theo said


Gwen came back to the house that evening very tired. the experiments they had was tiring but why she stayed that long was because she was bad at it and had to do it over and over again till she got it right

“awwwnnn. my baby is so tired.” her mom said as she watched Gwen drag her bag into the house

“you could atleast help with my bag.” Gwen said

“And drop my juice? hell no.” she said smiling as she hugged her daughter and took her bag.

“experiments huh.?” she asked

“how’d you know mom?”

“that’s the look you always have. go in and change. I’ll get you dinner.”


After dinner she slept off. She was woken up by the sound she heard outside. more like a growl

“what could that be.?” she thought.

She stood up and went to the window. She looked out but saw no one. she sighed and went back to her bed.

The sound came again. She was beginning to get scared. She was about to go check when suddenly her window broke and the beast jumped into her room.

she was too scared to scream.

She stood there shocked to the bones. the beast picked her by the neck. that was when her voice came back. she screamed but lost hope. her mother was a deep sleeper. she doubt if she’d hear her.

The beast brought it mouth to hers intending to suck the life out of her when the door flung open and her mother came in carrying a baseball bart.

she hit the beast hard on its head. it dropped Gwen and jumped out the window bleeding.

Gwen’s mother dropped the bart and ran to hug her.

“I thought you wouldn’t come mom.’ Gwen said. her voice shakey.

“I wasn’t asleep dear. I just couldn’t sleep. I heard the creepy noise outside and your window breaking. I had to rush in.”

“thanks mom.”

I’ll finally know if Diana and the beast are same person. the injury on its head is pretty big. if she wears a bandage on her head to school tomorro, then my suspicions are correct.

Gwen said in her mind as her mother rocked her back to sleep.

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