The students stood quietly and watched as the ambulance took Max’s body away. they were all teary eyed. Max was the clown of the school.

The principal is seen talking with inspector Joe.

“You’re telling me now that this door was locked?” inspector Joe asked.

“Yes. I locked it myself. I can’t explain how this happened.” the principal said confused

“(sighs) ok. we’ll continue our investigations but please tell your students to be safe.”

“ok but please try and solve this mystery. the students are scared and might stop coming to school.”

“We’re doing our best.”

They shook hands and inspector Joe left.

The principal went back to the students and asked them to go back to their classes.


they were a bit hesitant but eventually agreed.




School finally ended for that day and students trooped out hurriedly. No one wanted to be a victim of whatever was out there.

“Theo, Rosie. the killings, doesn’t it bother you guys.?” Gwen asked

“Hell it does. I’m scared to death.” Rosie said

“And the most scarey part is that they all die the same way. sucked to death.” Theo added while Rosie hissed

“Rosie, what is your problem? I don’t get why you’re mad at me..” Theo said

“Guys, I’m saying something important here. Don’t you think we should do something?” Gwen asked

“Do something? Like what?” Theo asked

“like finding out who the killer is. duhhrr.”

“(laughing) Gwen, you’re very funny. are you stupid? do you want to die? something the police have been tryna do for a long time you think three teenagers can do it? please, giv­­e me a break.” Rosie said

“c’mon guys, we can do it. Theo can get into the lab and run tests on fingerprint, blood samples. whatever we find out. He’s good at that and..

“pleeeeaaaassseeee Gwenievere, leave me out of your crazy idea. I won’t be a part of it. Rosie let’s go home and leave her to her silly ideas.” Theo said

Rosie was about to reply when her eyes fell on Diana talking to austin…

“humph. why don’t you call Diana to walk with you. excuse me.” she said and walked away.

“Gwen, please help me find out what’s wrong with Rosie. I don’t like that she’s acting this way towards me. It hurts.”

“really Theo. You still don’t get it?” Gwen asked

“I don’t. really.” Theo said sincerely

“she is jealous.”

“Jealous? of who and why?”

“you were drooling when you saw Diana. You even wanted her to sit with you..”

“oh my..oohh. I get it now. But it was nothing. besides she turned me down when I asked her out.”

“Really? you call that asking out? it was lame Theo. you should…

“hi guys.” Diana interrupted her

“hello.” Gwen replied.

“you not going home yet?” Theo asked

“No. I only go home at night when its really dark.” Diana replied

Theo and Gwen just stared at her.

“(laughing) I was joking. My mom is coming to pick me up..” Diana said

“(sighs) you scared us for a moment. ok, we’ll go now. Please be careful.” Theo  said as he pulled Gwen by the hand.

“Why did you have to pull my hands?” Gwen  Asked rubbing her arm.

“Because you were staring at austin and day dreaming again and if I hadn’t dragged you, you might follow him to his house.”

“No I wouldn’t have done that.”

“Yes you would. Don’t even argue with me. you know I’m right.”

::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: :::::

::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: :::::

Mick and Jennifer 3 arrived at the venue but was surprised there was no party. It was an old abandonded shed

“Mick. are you sure you got the direction right.?” Jennifer 3 asked

“I’m very sure. I’m positive.” Mick said

“Then where’s the party?” she asked a bit scared. The place was  spooky.

“Maybe I got it wrong? Let’s just go back.”Mick said.

They turned to go back when they bumped into her.

“There you are. Where is the party you told us about?” Jennifer 3 asked


“Hey! didn’t you hear her?”

“(in a growl) There is a party alright. You’re the only invited guest and its about to start right now..”

“What happened to your…oh my Gooooodddd!” Jennifer 3 screamed as she watched her transform into a hideous creature.

They began running but she appeared in front of them almost immediately.

They turned to another direction but she appeared too.

She picked Mick by the neck and threw him on the floor. She jumped on him and broke his neck.

she brought her mouth to his and sucked the life out of him.

Jennifer stood helpless. Ahe began to cry.

“Please don’t kill me. I won’t tell anyone who you are.” she pleaded

“(growls) I’m sorry but I can’t let you go. I have to eat. You’re my dinner. Come closer ” she said gesturing with her hand.

At this, Jennifer 3 turned swiftly and took to her heels but it was of no use. She felt something in her chest.

She looked and saw blooding oozing out. then she fell to the ground. dead.

the beast had ripped her heart out. She walked to her and sucked the life out of her.

“Another refreshing meal..”

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