The four of them got to the address Austin

sent. it was an abandoned house

 “Josh…what will the kids be doing here? are you sure we’re at the right place.?” Kate asked.

 “yea, I’m positive” Josh confirmed

 “ok. let’s go in then” Miranda said.

 “no..no..no..we can’t all go in. we don’t know what is going on in there. someone has to stay back to call for help if needed. I’ll go in first. if i don’t come out in the next 20 mins then call for help.” Adele said 

 “ok then. be careful”

 Adele took deep breathes before stepping in. 

 The house was pretty big. she didn’t know where to start from. she decided to search all the bedrooms. she began searching one after the other.

 after about 10 mins she stood confused. she had not seen anything. 

 Just then she heard noises in the room close to her. she went close and heard the children’s voices. she was so excited and wanted to open the door when a hand tapped her from behind. she turned to see Diana.

 “young lady, what are you doing here. go out. its dangerous.” Adele said but Diana did not move. she stood staring at Adele.

 “didn’t you hear me? I  said…oh my God!” she exclaimed as she watched Diana transform into a beast.

 she wanted to run but Diana grabbed her by the neck and dragged her in.


“let go off my mom. now!” Gwen yelled.

 “or what? you’ll kill me? (laughing ) You are defenseless against me.” Diana said

 “Diana, let her go else i’ll shoot you.” inspector Joe said cocking his gun.

 “I’ll just heal. i have that power too. so your gun is useless. enough of the talk, let’s party.” Diana said bringing her mouth close to Adele’s


The other three stood outside waiting for Adele

 “ok. that’s it. Its been over thirty mins and she’s not out yet. don’t you think we should go in? ” Kate said

 “you spoke my mind. I think we should go in.” Miranda said

 “ok. let’s go in then..” at this they went in.

 they kept running around checking on different rooms until they open a door and saw Diana about to suck Adele.

Josh quickly picked up the wood lying close to him and threw it at her.

 it distracted her which gave inspector Joe the chance to shoot her.

 “kids get outta here. run! now!” inspector Joe yelled

 “no one is getting out of here.” Diana said transforming into a beast.

 the bullets did no harm to her but it bought them time to run out.

 “we’re out now. what do we do? we have to kill it.” Josh said

 “wait, where is Gwen?” Austin asked.

 Before anyone could say jack, Adele ran inside

 “get away from my daughter” she yelled stabbing her with the stick she had in her hand. she stabbed continously until the beast’s heart came out of its chest.

 the others ran in and sighed in relief when they saw the beast dead


“and now put your hands together as i welcome the best graduating students of east  high. Theo, Rosie, Gwen and Austin”

 the crowd roared in excitement as they stepped out to stand with the principal.

 “(clears throat) it is with great pleasure i present these awards to you. we owe the safety of this town to all four of you. its a sad thing inspector Joe has been transfered, he wanted to thank you himself. now to all you who are graduating now….


As the principal finished his speech the school band took the stage. 

Gwen, Theo, Rosie and Austin  were the stars of the party. 

they all had smiles on their faces.

 Gwen sighted her mom and was about running to her when someone cornered her blocking her way.  it was Jennifer 1.

 “what do you want now.” Gwen asked.

 “nothing much. i just want to tell you to watch your back. you stole Austin from me and i am so going to make you pay for it. we might be graduating now but i will find a way to make you pay.” she said

 “I’d love to see you try.” Gwen said and walked away.  she went to her mom.

 “my baby is done with high school. I’m so proud of you.”

soon the others came and they chatted, ate and danced till the party ended





Do you think jennifer will make do her threat…watch out for season 2

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      I bought it for mom, the color and hair color are very similar, and it looks very natural. It is very natural to recommend young ladies or aunts with low hair volume! The most important thing is that it is easy to take care of!


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