Rosie and Theo followed the address to a house that had been destroyed, probably by the meteor shower.

it was dusty and had rats running around. it didn’t look like someone lives there

“Theo. are you sure you got the address right?” Rosie asked

“yes. I’m very sure. this is it.” Theo confirmed

“but it doesn’t look like someone lives in it. if clarice was still alive and here, won’t the place look nice?” asked a confused Rosie

“Not when she lives like a beast. let’s just continue looking around.”

It had gotten pretty dark but luckily they came with a torch light. They continued walking around. it was a pretty big place.

suddenly Rosie bumped into someone

“aahhhhhhhhh.”she screamed ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Austin and Gwen had been following Diana for hours. She had been going from one spot to another. No one seemed like her house. It has gotten dark.

“Austin. don’t you think we’re wasting our time? we’ve been following her for hours now and she has not done anything out of the ordinary..” Gwen said

“Are you kidding me? she said her mother would come to pick her up. its dark now and all she has been doing is going from one spot to the other and you think its ordinary? c’mon Gwen, you’re smarter than that.” Austin said

“(sighs) well, I just think my mom hit the beast pretty hard. It bleed seriously If Diana was the beast don’t you think she should have a bandage on her head or something?” Gwen asked

“well, i’m beginning to have my doubts. maybe she doesn’t have a place to stay and has been trying to hide it. let’s just go.” Austin said.

They turned to leave when Gwen noticed Diana looking around suspiciously

“wait Austin. look at her.”

he turned and they saw her enter into a destroyed building.

“let’s follow her..” Austin said pulling Gwen’s arm. They went in and immediately bumped into someone

“ahaahhhhhhhh.” Gwen screamed 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

Diana smiled to herself as she kept walking from one spot to another. She knew Gwen and Austin were following her. she had overheard their discussion that morning and she knew they were on her trail. she needed to do something very fast and she had a plan. she would get rid of them.

when she took a peek and saw they wanted to turn back, she entered into the house so they would follow her

“c’mon guys. follow me. You’ll make a delicious dinner.” she said smiling wickedly to herself.


Gwen screamed and turned around swiftly only to see Rosie.

“Jesus christ Rosie you scared me.” she said. relief washing over her.

“oh! and you didn’t scare me?” Rosie said

“but wait a minute. I thought you guys were following Diana. what are you doing here?”Theo asked

“we should be the one asking you that. we followed Diana to this place.” Austin said

“what? but this is Clarice’s address.” Rosie said

“well. its confirmed then. Clarice Lukeman and Diana are one and the same person which only means she is the beast.” Gwen said.

“let’s get out of here then. we need to go tell inspector Joe.” Theo said

“Not so fast my dears.” came a familiar voice. they turned around and saw her smiling wickedly

“what should we call you. Diana Woodman or Clarice lukeman.” Gwen asked

“awwwwwnnn. Gwenievere, the smart and brave one or should I say dumb and stupid. your curiousity has led to your end but i think we should all sit and have this discussion. Its gonna be pretty long. don’t you think?”

At this, she turned into her beastly form and before the others could do anything, she had knocked them out.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Gwen’s mom(Adele) looked at her wall clock. it was past 9:00pm.

Gwen did not tell her she would be staying out late. She was worried. She called the principal and he told her school had closed a long time ago.

“Rosie! I should call her. She might know where she is or might even be with her.” she thought.

just when she picked up her phone to call, she heard a knock on the door.

she rushed to the door thinking it was Gwen but it wasn’t. it was Rosie’s mom(Miranda)

“hi. uumm good evening.” Miranda greeted looking tensed.

“Good evening. is something wrong? You don’t look okay.” Adele asked

“please tell me Rosie is here. she hasn’t come home yet.”

“oh my God! i was about calling you. Gwen hasn’t returned either. what is going on? i..

*ring ring*

Adele’s phone rang.

“hello. good evening.” a female voice greeted.

it was Theo’s mom(Kate)

“oh! Good evening. how are you?”

“I’m fine. please tell Theo to come home. its late already and…

“(sighs) so Theo is missing too?” Adele asked

“missing? what do you mean missing?” asked Kate.

“I’m with Miranda now. Gwen and Rosie are not home yet and apparently Theo too.”

“oh my! I’m coming over now.” Kate said and hung up


Kate quickly changed from her night clothes and ran outside heading to Adele’s house.

on her way she met Austin’s dad. he told her he was looking for Austin.

“he texted me an address a while ago and that if he didn’t come home i should come with the police.”he said.

Kate explained that the others had not returned home yet.

they both decided to go to Adele’s house first to tell them of the address.

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