Austin laughed uncontrollably.

“woow. you’re so funny. You made me feel better in just few minutes.” he said in suppressed laughter.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

“How come we’ve never spoken before.”

“hmmm. you’re the hot basket ball player and I’m the geek who has a crush on you. its pretty obvious.” Gwen blurted out.

“wait! you have a crush on me?” Austin asked. One could see the glow with which he asked

“No, no..I mean..who might get crushed by your girlfriend.”

“Oh ok. well, it’s nice talking to you. I hope we can do it often.” Austin said stretching his hands for a handshake. Gwen was about taking his hand when someone hit her.

“Austin, what is the meaning of this.” Jennifer 1 asked.

“Meaning of what? and why did you hit her like that.?”

“why wouldn’t I? your girlfriend just lost a friend and you’re here flirting with this creature.” Jennifer yelled

“I lost a friend too Jennifer and unlike you, Gwen here was helping me feel better. (to gwen) I’m sorry for her behaviour.” Austin said.

“Don’t apologise for me, I did not do anything to her..” Jennifer 1 said.

“its okay Austin. I’ll leave now. my friends are back.” she said sighting Theo and Rosie.

“OK. see you later.” Austin said.

Gwen smiled and walked away.

“why are you smiling at her.” Jennifer yelled

“Stop yelling will you?” Austin said.

“No, I will not. Come back here.” she screamed after Austin who was walking away

Gwen walked up to Theo and Rosie who stood hand in hand.

“hmmmm. I see you two have sort things out.” gwen said.

“Yea. She has agreed to be my girlfriend.” Theo said with glee.

“heey. I agreed to go out with you not be your girlfriend.” Rosie said hitting him slightly.

“hmmm. you want me to kiss you again?” Theo asked winking.

“wait! You kissed? When? Where was I?” Gwen asked

“(smiling shyly.) stop asking. I see you finally decided to talk to prince charming.” Rosie said referring to Austin

“yea. mehn is he dreamy or what? His smile and he laughed at my jokes too. He…

“Enough. I don’t wanna puke.” Theo said laughing

。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

School closed for that day and as usual,  the students rushed out of their classes heading home.

The teachers were not an exception. everyone had become scared.

“So Gwen, where do we start from? how do we go about this investigation thingny.” Theo asked.

“uummm. I think I’ll start first. I’ll come back here when its a bit dark to start. two of the kilings happened here. I should be able to find something. whatever I find I’ll let you know..” she said

“Are you sure about this? it’s pretty dangerous.” Rosie said

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Theo just get ready. you’ll sneak in the lab and run tests on whatever i find.” Gwen said

“Ok then.”

they continued talking as they headed out.

when they got outside the school gate, they saw Diana talking to Austin. Gwen felt a bit jealous. She wanted to walk fast and ignore him but he waved at her and she had no choice than to wave back

;;;,,,;;;;;,,, ;;;;,,,,;;;,,,

Austin stood outside the school gate waiting for her to open up. He looked at his watch, it was past 11:00pm. he turned around to go back when she came out.

“What took you so lon?” he asked

“I’m sorry. I didn’t here you knock.” she said. she opened up and he went in.

“You said the principal is aware of this?” Austin asked.

“yea. he is. He gave me the keys.” she lied.

“ok. let’s start then.”

“Ok but i’d love to use the restroom first. Excuse me.” she said and left



Mins later and she hadn’t return..

“the restroom is not that far. what is taking her so long.” Austin said as he stood up to go look for her.

He walked to the female restroom. He was about to knock when he heard a growl behind him. he turned but saw no one.

He raised his hand to knock again. the growl came again.. he turned and saw no one.

Fear was slowly creeping in. he called her name severally but she didn’t answer. He turned to go back to the class when he saw the beast. he opened his mouth to scream but it hit him and he fainted.

“hmmm. you’re so cute. It pains me to eat you. we woulda made a nice couple. cute boy and hot girl but…

“Anybody there.”

A voice interrupted her. The beast quickly turned to her human self and hurriedly hid in the bathroom.

Gwen on seeing austin on the floor ran to him.

“Oh my, Austin, Austin. wake up..” she yelled.

She quickly got a pale with water and poured on him. he woke up.

“The beast, I saw the beast.” he said shaking

“shh…shhh…it’s okay. it’s gone. calm down.”

“what are you doing here? did you follow me?” Austin asked

“No. No. it’s complicated. I’m…we’re trying to find the killer. I came to search for evidence. anything that will lead us to the killer since two of the killings took place here and…

she stopped talking when she noticed something on the floor. She picked it up.

it was an earring. She kept it in the bag she carried.

“what are you doing here?” she asked Austin.


“wait! Diana?” she asked

“yea. she asked me to take her on a private lesson.”

“hmmmm. okay. where is she then?”

“I don’t know. she went into the bathroom but took long. I came to look for her when the beast attacked me.” he explained

Gwen stood up and checked the bathrooms she found Diana squatting at a corner, shivering.

“Diana, are you okay?”Gwen asked

“The beast, it attacked me. i..

“Calm down. where is it?”

“It jumped off the window when it heard Austin knocking.”

Gwen looked up and saw the broken window.

“Stand up. let’s get out of here.” she said.

she helped them up and left the school.

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