The students all dispatched to their various classes. 

The trio Gwen, Theo and Rosie were in science and they had chemistry that morning.

They went to their class and sat

down waiting for their teacher. Soon he entered along with Diana.

The class suddenly became rowdy. They all wanted Diana to sit with them. Even Theo joined in.

“Will you keep quiet Theo.” Rosie yelled

“what! I too want a hot girlfriend.” Theo said.

“humph!!.” she said and turned around feeling a little jealous.

“Will you all be quiet.” the teacher yelled.

They quiet down.

“(to Diana) Please miss, can you pick and seat and sit down so I can teach?”

“(smiling) Ok Sir.”

Diana looked around and then walked to Gwen.

“Can i sit here?” she asked

“Here? with me?” she asked not believing it.

“Yes with you. Can I?”

Gwen moved and she sat down.

“Thanks” Diana said and Gwen smiled back at her.

“Now that that’s over, let’s go straight to our lesson for today



12 noon, the bell rang for lunch break. The students trooped out of their classes to the school cafeteria.

“Rosie, what are you going to have for lunch.” Theo asked


“hey! I’m talking to you.” he said hitting her shoulder slightly to gain her attention.

“Please Gwen, can you tell Mr Theo that I’m not talking to him.” Rosie said.

“You’re not talking to me? why? what did I do?”.

“Gwen again please tell Theo to stop talking to me.” Rosie said and walked away.

“Gwen, can you tell me what’s wrong with her?” Theo said

“I don’t know. Maybe she’s jealous.” Gwen said.

“Jealous? of what or who?”

“I don’t know. figure it out..l” she said and followed Rosie.

“(sighs) girls, you can never understand them.”

The three of them sat on their usual table.

 Theo kept trying to get Rosie to talk to him.

“Hi, can I join you guys?”

They turned and saw Diana.

“Yes of course.” Gwen said

“No you can’t ” Rosie yelled

“Rosie, be nice.” Theo said.

“I’m not talking to you. is that too big a sentence for you to understand? (to Diana) You’re not welcomed here please leave.” Rosie said.

“Rosie. what has gotten into you?.(to Diana) please sit.” Gwen said.

At that, Rosie stood up and left. Gwen ran after her.

“Rosie. Rosie wait. What is your problem.?” Gwen asked

“my problem is Theo drooling over that girl.” Rosie yelled.

“(smiling) Now I get it. You’re jealous. aren’t you?”

“Me? Jealous? No! cos not. I…(sighs) fine! Maybe I am but thats not the point. I don’t feel too good hanging around her. I sense a bad vibe with her.”

“why? COS she’s prettier?” Gwen teased

“I’m serious Gwen. something doesn’t feel right with her and you know my gut never fails.”

“ok, ok, we’ll be careful and keep an eye on her. For now come back to the table please?”

“Fine but its only cos of you.”

They both went back to the table.

“sorry for my earlier action.” Rosie said and sat down totally ignoring Theo. 

Soon, Max the weirdo walked up to Diana holding a french fry like a flower and kneeling.

“Will you be my lady?”

“eewww. get off. NO.” Diana yelled pushing him while the others burst into laughter.




Max slowly climbed the school gate to avoid noise so no one would know anything.

She had told him to meet her in school and not to let anyone know about it.

He was too excited to think anything wrong in it. He was good at picking locks. He picked the lock and the door to the school opened.

he brought out his phone to call her.

“Hello. where are you? I’m here. To the hall? Okay, I’ll be there in a jiffy.” he said excitedly.

He quickly rushed to the hall and there she was. Sitting and glowing, looking so beautiful.

Finally, he has a girlfriend.

“Hello baby.” He said touching her shoulder. she turned and smiled at him.

“what took you so long.?” she asked.

“I had to make sure no one was following me. I’m sorry I made you wait.” Max said.

“Its okay. Come here.” she said spreading her hands for a hug.

Max wasted no time, he quickly embraced her. Suddenly, he heard a growl.

“Baby is that you.?”


“Are you hungry? I brought pizza.”


“why are you quiet?” he asked trying to pull away from the hug so he’d see her face but she held firmly to him.

suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his back. like something had pierced him.

He quickly pushed her away and what he saw scared him.

“Monster. Monster.” he screamed racing to the door but she appeared in front of him.

He turned around and ran in another direction but there she was too.

She quickly grabbed his head and kissed him, sucking the life out of him. Then she let him fall to the ground.

she became her human self after that.

“refreshing.” she said in a growl




The students stood outside the next morning waiting for the principal to come and open the school gate. soon he drove in.

“I am so sorry for coming late. Had an emergency.” The principal explained.

“Just open the gate. I left my most expensive earring in the hall and I need to get it.” Jennifer 2 said.

The prinicipal turned and glared at her.

“Sorry sir.”

The principal opened the gate and the students rushed in.

Jennifer 2 quickly rushed to the hall to get her earring.

“aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.” she screamed and a thud was heard.

The students who heard her rushed in to see what had happened.

 “Oh my God! Max.?”.


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