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Gwen woke up a bit late on monday morning. The dead bodies she saw kept appearing in her dreams which scares the time sleep finally comes, it would have been almost morning.

She hurriedly took her bath and went to the dinning for breakfast.

“You woke up late again. still having the nightmares?” Her mother asked

“Yes mom and they get scarier each time. I wish I didn’t see the bodies.”

“Awwwnn.  sorry love. Don’t worry, it’ll end soon or lets do this. let’s see a movie when you get back from school,a comedy.  it’ll stop the nightmares for sure.”

“ok mom but it’ll only be possible if you let me eat and go to school early so I won’t get detention..”

“heeey. Are you saying I talk too much?” her mom asks

“(laughing) Maybe?”

Gwen hurriedly ate her breakfast then went back to her room to dress up.

“hmmm, maybe I should wear something different today. we’ll be having a transfer student and if its a boy, Maybe he’ll notice me.”

She opened her closet and brought out a gown she had long abandoned. she had only wore it once at her fourteenth birthday. 

  It was a black  had gown that had a golden belt line. She put it on and went to stand in front of her mirror. she looked different.

“woow! you look nice.” her mother said…

“Thanks mom but I don’t think i’ll wear it.”

she said looking at herself.

“But why. it’s nice.”

“I don’t know. it’s too different.”

“hmmm. If you don’t wear it, no movie foryyou.” her mom said


“Get going. You’re late.”




“…who do we have here”

“stop it Rosie.” Gwen said

“you look really nice but it would have been better if you discarded the glasses and the ponytail too.” Rosie said pointing at Gwen

“No way. where is Theo?”

“uumm. He’s oveeerrr there. (to Theo) heeyy. Theo.”

Theo turned to see Gwen and Rosie waving at him. He walked to them and looked at Gwen inquisitively..

“What is it.” Gwen asked with furrowed brows

“Does someone plan on impressing the transfer student or wait. is it Austin? Your crush.” Theo said

“oh! I get why she dressed up today..” Rosie said laughing.

“come on guys.  I didn’t plan on..” her mouth fell open

“Gwen. Are you okay?” Rosie asked

Theo and Rosie followed her eyes to see what made her act like that.

their mouths fell open as well.

everyone who saw her went into freeze mode with their mouths agape.

who was she? An angel? A goddess? she was so beautiful. She was walking in slow motion.

The blonde beauty wore a sleeveless tank top which exposed her belly button and a blue jean skirt that covered only her butt exposing beaitiful long slender legs.


Everyone followed her with their eyes till she disappeared into the principal’s office.

immediately she entered into the principal’s office, everyone began to murmur asking different questions.

“who was that girl?”

“is she the transfer student?”

“what a beauty.”

“I wish I were like her.”

“whatever. we’re still like the hottest girls. Especially me.right.?” Jennifer 1 said while the other two nods

“oh my God. she is hot.” Theo said still drooling

“awwn. I wish I were a boy. I’d asked herout..” Rosie said

“oh mehn! My outfit is a waste. oh well, There is still Austin.” Gwen said

“i’ll ask her out.” someone yelled  turnthey all turned around to see who it was.

of course! It was Max, the weirdo who asks all the girls out including teachers and gets rejected all the time and in some cases slapped and beaten up.

jennifer 1 walked up to Austin.

“I hope you’re not planning to ask her outtoo.”

“oh no! Baby I love you.” Austin replied

“whatever. let’s go girls.”

Gwen saw what happened and placed a hand on her chest

“oh my Austin. I would never do that to you” she said

“what are you saying? Who are you talking to.?” Rosie asked

“huh. me? No one.”




They all gathered in the hall.  the principal had asked them to

*(clears throat)*

Everyone became quiet and turned to face him

“Good morning everyone.”

“Good morning principal” They chorused

“like I said before ,we’ll be having a new student, a transfer student. I gathered ya’ll to introduce her too you. please welcome miss Diana Woodman.”

The students clapped and cheered as shestepped out.

the principal gave way for her to say something

“hi everyone. I’m Diana. A new student as you can see. I don’t have much to say. I didn’t have a nice life in my other school but I’m hoping it’ll be different here.” she said and went back to her seat

“that’ll be all. to class everyone.” The principal dismissed them.

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