Rosie opened her eyes slowly. She saw an image in front if her. She couldn’t quite make out what it is.

“aahhhhhhh.” she screamed when she saw the beast waking up the others.

“(in a growl) awwwnn. she’s scared of me. let’s make this easier .” she said and transformed into her human self

“I’m not scared of you. I was just…well…surprised.” Rosie said

“who the hell are you?” Gwen yelled

“hmmmmmmmm…to tell or not to tell. OK. since you’re gonna die anyways I’ll tell you. my real name is Clarice Woodman. I know. I know. you are wondering what changed. I mean I used to be so fat. You see, after the meteor shower hit my mom and I, I survived. my mom didn’t. so sad, isn’t it? well its past but after that, i didn’t have a place to stay or food to eat for days until I stumbled upon this greenish substance. I  was so hungry I couldn’t resist the urge to eat it. I took it and ate and the most amazing thing happened. I became slimer. I was so excited. after two days of eating it I became this hot. (to Austin) don’t you like it?.”

“Don’t touch me you freak..” Austin yelled

“(laughing) back to my story. it came with a side effect though. i couldn’t eat normal food anymore. I began to crave for blood and fatty foods.

At first I tried eating fats from food and animals but it didn’t satisfy me. one evening I got so hungry I began roaming around for food.

I ran into a group of teenagers who were so high. I had this irresistible urge to feed off them. suddenly I began to transform into something strange. I pounced on them and ate them. mehn it was so refreshing. I felt guilty at first…

“then why didn’t you go for help?” Gwen asked interrupting her

“And loose this gorgeous body? hell no. there are a lot of people in the world. killing a few wouldn’t change anything.

well, i left my city cos I know people would ask questions on how I became so slim and hot in just a couple of days and that’s how I found myself here.

I stayed for a few days then I realised people might notice me and trace the killings back to me so I decided to fake an identity for myself. Diana Lukeman, a transfer student. nice story isn’t it?” Diana asked

“i knew it. so you were in this city before you came as a transfer student. That explains the killings..” Rosie said

“smart girl.”

“you are so heartless.” Theo yelled

“really? and those who laughed at me cos I was fat weren’t? you know. I went back to my school and ate those who laughed at me. they were the best meal (laughing).”

“you won’t get away with this. they’ll find you.” Austin said

“what do you mean by that. who are they?” Diana asked


“you don’t want to talk huh. its fine. i’ll definitely find them first. then I’ll come back for you.” Diana said as she tranformed into a beast and jumped out the window

,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Kate and Josh(Austin’s father) arrived at Adele’s place

“Josh! you’re here?” Miranda asked

“I take it that Austin is missing too.” Adele added

“yes. he is but the thing is he sent me an address hours ago that if he didn’t show up soon i should call the police and go there.” Josh said

“oh my gosh! it only means they might be in danger.” Miranda said

“but what do you think might be going on cos I’ve noticed something with Gwen. she always watches the news and is now into this freaky things more. do you know that the beast attacked her here in the house ? do you think they know something?” Adele asked

“yea. I noticed that too in Theo. He even sneaks into the school lab but I didn’t think anything of it.” Miranda said

“same with Rosie. She talks more of the beast now..”

“and Austin was attacked too. I think we all know what this means. that these kids are up to something and we gotta hurry up if we want to see them alive.” Josh spoke.

at that, the four of them left for the police station.

“uummm. hello, please is inspector Joe in?” Josh asked

“No sir. he has not reported to the office since noon.” the man at the desk replied

“(sighs) what do we do now?” Miranda asked

“go to the address of course. I don’t want anything to happen to my Gwen..” Adele said

“do we all agree to that?” Kate asked.

“yes. we do..” they chorused

“let’s go then.”


inspector Joe had been following Gwen and Austin.

Adele had reported the attack to him and he had since kept an eye on her. He figured since the beast attacked her in her house, she might know something and after all he just heard, he confirmed he was right.

it surprised him though how a group of teenagers easily solved a case he had been trying to solve for weeks now.

immediately he saw the beast jump out, he came out of where he was hiding.

“are you kids alright?” he asked as he started to untie them

“inspector Joe. I guess my dad got to you.” Austin said

“your dad? he didn’t tell me anything. I followed the both of you here.” he said pointing at Gwen and Austin.

“how did your dad get involved in this.” Theo asked

“I texted him the address for safety purposes..”

“you are so smart” Gwen said looking at Austin.

she got a hit from Rosie

“this is not the time to day dream. we have to get out of here..” rosie said

“you kids go ahead. I’ll follow shortly.” inspector Joe said.

As they turned to exit the building, they came face to face with Diana

“going somewhere?” Diana asked

“moooooommm.” gwen yelled

“let her go.” inspector Joe said pointing his gun at her

“make me.” Diana said

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