episode 1

9:45pm at East high. The music boomed. Teens dancing, smooching and teachers trying to stop them.

It was the end of another school session. Students were happily

drinking and jumping around.

The finalists were happy to be leaving school, the grade 1’s

were happy to be going to the next class most especially because they finally escape the bullying.

Gwen sat at the bar set up at the

corner watching them. she was not the social type. Maybe its cos she was a geek. No one wants to be associated with geeks.

She dresses weird. Big glasses, her hair always pony tailed, skirts that could fit three people and she was always on a sweater. whether its hot or cold.

(enough of the geek jare)

She sat there and let her eyes wander. They fell on the ‘Jennifer’s’ her worst nightmare.

They were rude, saucy and arrogant. They bullied her any chance they got. They were also the hottest girls in school. Its no surprise they bare same names. I mean, they are alike afterall.

Her eyes roamed round and fell on the basketball team. She scanned their faces one after the other.

There was Jason, the cool headed

one. There was Mick, cute but a loser. He was dumb. There were others too but she didn’t care to look at them. why?


 oh! Her heart stopped when she saw him.

He was hot. So very hot and dreamy. He was proud but who cares. Then she frowned when she remembered he had a girlfriend.

“oh well! He might have a girlfriend in reality but he doesn’t in my dreams” she said and let her eyes wander again.

They fell on her two bestfriends. Rosie and Theo. They were her

only friends actually and she wouldn’t have it any other way. They were great friends.

she waved when she saw they were looking her way. They waved back and started walking towards her. Apparently they had been searching for her

“ugh!! what are you wearing” Rosie asked

“its a party, not a funeral.” Theo added

“whatever. Leave me be, its what I want to wear.” Gwen said in her defense

 “I can see why you have a lot of friends.” Rosie said sarcastically

 “hmmmm. Is it cos you’re looking nice today?” Gwen said .

“heeeeeeyyy. I look nice all the time.” Rosie replied

“(laughing) Just kidding”

“sooo. Why are you here? Get out there and join in the jolly. ” Theo said trying to pull Gwen down from her chair

 “nuh uh. There is no way I’m going out there.”

“c’mon Gwen. Stop being a kill joy ” Rosie said

“I’m still not going. you guys go ahead, i’ll be fine.” Gwen said

 “fine! As her royal highness wishes.”

As the turned around to leave, they came face to face with ‘the Jennifer’s

“hey loser.” the leader said referring to Gwen

 “Watch your mouth bitch ” Rosie said

“What? How dare you? I wasn’t even

referring to you. Get out of my way ” she said trying to push Rosie out.

She slapped her and a fight ensued between them.

Gwen panicked. She didn’t know what to do.

She sighted the principal and ran to him for help. He quickly got to them and seperated them.

A small crowd had gathered while others continued partying

“What is wrong with both of you?” He asked

“She started it.” they chorused pointing at each other.

“Shut up. In my office. now.”

They glared at each other as they walked behind the principal to his office.

“(sighs)Why is she so hot headed? She can’t keep cool for once. I..

“hey you.” Theo interrupted her thoughts

“Where is Rosie?”

“hmmm. principal’s office.”

“Wait. what! Why?”

“She got into a fight.”

“OMG! I just left for some mins and she gets into a fight (sighs)?”

“You know her, always hot headed” Gwen said

“hmmm. yea. I know. anyways back to

you. Why are you seated here? let’s dance.” Theo said

“Dance? no way! Rosie is in trouble cos she was defending me and you’re asking me to dance?”

“oh! Why didn’t you say so. let’s go meet her then. To the principals office.” Theo said pointing to the principals office.

They stood up and headed to the principal’s office.

As they walked along the hall way that led to the office, they head a scream followed by a loud thud.

“what was that?” Theo asked

“It came from the bathroom. let’s go check it out.” Gwen suggested

Aay they got there, they opened the door and what they saw shocked them.

Gwen closed her mouth to muffle her scream.

They saw two teens. One male one female. DEAD!

They appeared dry, like they were sucked to death.

Theo fainted. Gwen ran to call the



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