Somewhere in Akwa Ibom, Uyo. Akwa savings estate precisely, Nathaniel l Okon sat in his study room going through some files. He had a hectic day but could not go to bed or rest till he was done sorting out the documents to avoid issues. Suddenly someone barged in.

“Nathaniel we have to talk.”

“Eka mmi(my mother) good evening.”

“What is good about this evening ehn?”

“What is it mama? What have I done this time?”

“What you have done is trying to kill me with loneliness.”

“Oooohh. Ah Ah na. Mbok (please) I don’t want to talk about that issue now ooh”

“We will talk about it now. Since your father died. I raised you all by myself. Now you’re a grown man. You have a house, a job and you’re always away leaving me alone in this big house. I’m tired of the silence. I want to know what its like to be surrounded by lots of children. You know you’re the only one I had. I want all the noise, the little feet running. Give me grandchildren ooooooohhhh”

“But mama, I told you I’ll get married soon. I have a girlfriend and I will bring her soon.”

“Mtcheeeewww. You have been saying that for the last 3 years. You want me to die first ehn? Your plan will not work ooh. Go and get married.”.she walks out



Nathaniel sat in the restaurant waiting for someone.

“Why are these guys wasting my time na.” he asked no one in particular

Few minutes later, someone tapped him from behind

“Nathan Nathan. hwfa na?

“Mtcheeeewww. Unwana, why did you keep me waiting na? I’ve been here for almost 30 minutes”

“Sorry my man. There was hold up. No vex abeg. How you de? how house na? “

“Guy no be small ooh. I had to sneak away from the house because of mama. This her marriage talk is now becoming something else.”

“But why are you stressing her like this? Give her grandchildren.”

“Free me abeg. I neva ready for this marriage thing ooh.”

“But why? That’s what I want to know. nsido mfinna mfo? (what’s your problem? ) You’re rich, got a job and house too and even a girlfriend. Or is something wrong with uyai?

“It’s not that. I’m not ready. Uyai sef is not ready. Any time I try bring the topic, she finds a way to brush it under the rug. It’s not solely my fault ooh.”

“hmmmmm. I just de look u ooh. Soon you’ll be the only one remaining. Ekpenyong is married, Ukeme sef don marry. In a month time I’ll be married. De there de waste time. For your mind you still young.”

“(laughing) don’t worry, I’ll join you guys soon.”

“OK ooh. I hear you. How is work? “

“Work is fine ooh. Still waiting for the new recruits to resume. The workload is much. It won’t be bad to have assistants.”

“I just hope the females are much. Maybe you fit see wife there (laughing).”

“(laughing)Unwana Unwana. I have a girlfriend ooh”

They talked for a while before Unwana stood up to leave.

“Guy make i de go.”

“Ah ah. aka use? (where are you going?) Time still de na..”

“Look at you. My girl is going to get her gown to day and I have to be there with her else I’ll die

They shook hands and he left.

Nathaniel and Unwana had been friends for the longest time. They had met during their orientation after they gained admission into the university of uyo.They discovered they were course mate and their friendship blossomed.

Ekpenyong and Ukeme joined the pair two years later. Nathaniel and Unwana met them at their school’s FASA night. Although Nath and Unwana were not in the faculty of arts, unwana’s cousin was and had invited Unwana to come.

Unwana not wanting to go alone asked Nathaniel to tag along and that’s when they met Ekpenyong and Ukeme fighting over a chicken wing. They laughed about it.

Since that day it had been the four of them till they graduated four years ago. But as fate would have it, they went their seperate ways.

with Ekpenyong getting married and moving to portharcourt and Ukeme to lagos. Nathaniel and Unwana remained in uyo.

Nath smiled when he remembered his school days. He stood up, paid for the drinks they took and was coming out when he bumped into a lady.

They stood there staring at each other before the lady finally spoke.

“Nsido? (what is it? ) You just stood there staring. You can’t even say sorry.”

“Why will I say sorry? was I the one walking blindly?”

“Abasi mi(my God) hmmmmm. You’re lucky I’m in a light mood this afternoon, you would have gotten it from me. Excuse me joor..” She said pushing Nath away

“Young woman. Don’t you dare walk out. Hey you.

“Taaaaaaaahh. Ebot (goat) mtcheeww

Nath could not say anything. He just stood there watching the lady walk away.

His mind drifted from the fact that he just argued with her to admiring her.

She was of average height, dark skinned. He didnt get to look at her face well but one thing is for sure. Her curves were to die for.

“Nath, why will you be admiring someone that just insulted you? Snap out of it” He told himself. Just then his phone rang

“Hello baby.”

“Hello uyai. How are you?”

“Hmmm. You called me by my name. Any problem?”

“I’m sorry dear, I’m in a foul mood.”

“Hmmmmmmmmm. Mind if I come over?”

“Don’t worry. Let me come to your place instead. I’m not in the house now.”

“OK, no problem”

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