it’s been a week after her surgery. Dr Desmond was yet to begin the exercises he talked about. They had to wait till the pain subsides. 

Within thus time, Rukky and Desmond had grown fond of each other. There was barely a day they were not together. Whenever he was on night shift, they would stay and chat late into the night. 

Patients and staffs of that ward noticed their closeness and began calling them ‘lovebirds’ which they always deny. 

It was a Friday morning. Dr Desmond was supposed to come in early today to do some tests on her and see if she can begin her physical therapy. 

Everyone had gone for their own therapy and she was alone in the ward. 

She looked at the wall clock and it was almost 10:00am. She wondered what was keeping him. She was eager to begin. She couldn’t wait to walk without the clutches. 

Dr Desmond came in some minutes past ten. 

“Sorry I’m late. Had a meeting with my boss” he said

Rukky noticed he wasn’t looking happy. 

“Are you okay? “she asked

” I’m fine. It’s nothing I can’t handle “he said without looking at her. 

Rukky wanted to push but she saw he was not in a good mood so she kept quiet. 

” Let’s begin. Do you want us to use here or my office “

” Your office. I won’t be comfortable here she said

“okay then. My office it is”


Dr Desmond stood in front of the chief’s office. He wondered why he was feeling nervous. It wasn’t the first time he was summoning him. 

“I’m hearing rumors about you. I can’t take action without hearing from you hence I called you here to confirm ” The chief said after Dr Desmond sat down. 

” What’s it about? ” he asked

“What is the relationship between you and Rukevwe Amos?” 

“She’s one of my patients sir”

“And that’s all? “

“That’s all sir” 

“hmmmmmmm. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. Remember it’s against the hospital rules to have anything intimate with a patient of the opposite sex and you might loose your job for that”

Desmond left the office feeling really bad. He couldn’t deny that he felt a connection to Rukky. He had tried several times to stay away from her and keep a doctor patient relationship with her but he failed at all times. 

“I have to stop whatever nonsense feeling I’m having for that girl. She’s not worth looking my job over. There are other women out there ” he said. 


Desmond led Rukky to his office. He cleared a spot on his table where she’ll lean on. 

” I’ll need you to drop your clutches and stand without it. Lean on the table for support” he said

Rukevwe was not comfortable with the fact that Desmond was acting formal with her. 

“Des” she called. 

“Did I offend you? “

” No. Why? “

” You’re acting weird. Being too formal and you haven’t even looked at my face”

“It’s nothing. Please lean on the table “

Rukky dropped the topic seeing that he didn’t want to talk. 

She did as he said. 

“put this on” he said handing her a blindfold. 

She obeyed quietly. 

Desmond knelt in front of her. 

“I’ll touch certain parts of your legs and you’ll let me know if you can feel my hands. Alright? “

” Alright! “

Desmond touched her right foot. 

” Did you feel that? “

” yes”

“how about this? ” he said touching her left foot” 

“I can feel it”

He did this toll he got to her thighs. He felt his throat tighten. 

He was done with the examination but he couldn’t stop staring at her. 

He stood up and place his hands inside his pocket. Maybe it would help him contain the urge to hold her tight. 

She wore a short skirt and a big shirt. She was not allowed to wear something long because of her legs. 

He looked at her face. Oh! Those lips. 

“Don’t do it. Don’t do it ” he cautioned himself 

” Dr, are you done?”

“one more ” he said

“Do you feel this?” he asked

“I can’t fe… 

She couldn’t complete what she was saying. Desmond covered her mouth with his. 

Rukky stiffened in shock. She didn’t expect it. She gave in to the pleasure of a while but quickly pulled away. 

She took off the blindfold to confirm if it was actually Desmond who kissed her. It was indeed him. 

They stood staring at each other. No one said anything. 

“This one when ona look onaself like this, hope say bad thing no happen? ” someone asked 

They broke the stare and saw that Rukky’s mother was in the office. 

” No… Nothing happen mommy ” Rukky stammered 

Desmond was unable to say anything. He just walked out of the office. 

” Ona quarrel? Shey you Don use this your mouth take make the doctor vex now. If he no gree treat you again ehn”

“mommy nothing like that. I beg help me with my clutches “

“Rukevwe when doctor say you go start your therapy?” 


Mrs Regina faced Rukky and saw that she was absent-minded. She tapped her. 

“Rukky, you sure say you well? Wetin you de think? “

” I well. I no de think anything. I just… Wetin you ask? “

” I just want know when the therapy go start? “

That was when she realized, Desmond did not say if she was fit to start. 

” Na tomorrow I go take know “

” okay na. You don eat? “

” No!”

“okay. Make I go outside go buy you food. I de come.

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